GoHighLevel Pros And Cons [2023]

This article shared some details about the GoHighLevel Pros and Cons.

The pros and cons of the tool will help you decide if it can help you in your online marketing.

GoHighLevel is one of the best-automated tools to help you grow and scale your business, and there is no doubt about it.

The tool has excellent features that all marketers need, but that does;t mean there are no drawbacks with the GoHighLevel software.

We will look at some of the HoHighLevel pros and cons to help you determine if the CRM tool will fit your need.

You can check the GoHighLevel Review and the Go HighLevel pricing plans to learn about the software.

GoHighLevel Pros and Cons

Before looking at the benefits and drawbacks of the GohHighLevel tool, consider that no software can provide 100 per cent results.

The Pros

All-in-one marketing Tool

GoHighLevel is a complete platform that combines many tools in one place.

It combines all the tools you need from CRM, pipeline management, call tracking, reputation management,2-way SMS, email marketing, and online scheduling to funnel + website + course builders.

So, you don’t need to sign up for each tool, saving you time and money.

Streamline Systems & Processes With Snapshots

This powerful feature allows you to share your work with others.

GoHighLevel software makes this easier to set up repeatable systems and streamline your processes.

You can share or copy everything from custom fields, forms, funnel, email templates, and more from one client to another through the snapshots.

It helps you set up as much automation and share it with others to eliminate repetitive and tedious tasks.

GoHighLevel share funnels

GoHighLevel has share funnels where you can share your design funnel with others. It saves you more time if you’re an agency and works with many clients.

Importing email/SMS Campaign And workflow

It is no doubt that email and SMS marketing is a great way to grow your business faster, and with this feature, you can import all your emails in case there is a need for it.

GoHighLevel Unlimited Features

Any plan you choose, you get unlimited features without any limit. Unlike other software, where you will need to upgrade your account to get access to the advance features/

Desktop & Mobile Application

The Mobile application sets the GoHighlevel apart from other software. If you choose the agency and white label plan, you can access the mobile apps to access your GoHighLevel account on the go.

Upgrading And Improving

They are upgrading and improving the software to meet customer demand.

And they continue adding more features to satisfy the customer.

Create Your White Label Platform

This is one of my favourite features. It allows you to make more money without any hard work. You can sell the tool to your customer and keep all the money.

 Add your agency’s logo to the software. Your clients will see your brand down to the URL.

The amazing thing about this feature is that they do all the work, and you get all the credit and revenue from running a SaaS business with the GoHighLevel tool.

Get 2-Way SMS Capabilities.

In most CRM tools, customers can only send text messages and can’t receive replies.

HighLevel software is a complete communication platform enabling all users to send and reply to text messages, emails, Instagram, Google Chats, Facebook Messages and WhatsApp.

Agency Low Pricing

The HighLevel is designed for agencies, and it offers unlimited pricing. With other tools like Hubspot, the more Contacts you add to your account, the more money you will pay.

You can add many Users, Contacts, and Sub-Accounts for one monthly fee that never changes.

Capture, Nurture, And Close More Leads

Another benefit is capturing more leads for your business.

It has the following tool:  forms, surveys, websites, and landing pages to capture new leads.

You can connect directly to Facebook Lead Ads if you use Facebook to generate leads.

24/7 customer support

The Go High Level has an excellent customer support team to help support you whenever you need it. Not only that, they also offer live Zoom support, LiveChat and a free Facebook community.

Save Time And Money

Many people join the High-Level CRM tool because it saves money and time.

You don’t need to sign up with individual software, which will cost you more money and time.

GoHighLevel Cons

Now, you have learnt about the benefits of the High-Level CRM tool. Let’s consider the drawbacks and cons to help you decide if it is worth joining.

Learning Curve

When you join the platform, you must go through all the tutorials to understand how it works.

This may take more time since it combines many tools into one platform.

GoHighLevel Funnel Builder Lack Features

It has an in-built funnel builder but can’t be compared with a tool like Clickfunnels.

If you want to build funnels for your business, I will advise you to go for Clickfunnels.

Limited Integration

GoHighLevel only has a few tools you can integrate with it. And this is a concern for many users and those who want to join.

But, the team is already aware of this drawback and is working on adding more to their platform.

Affiliate Management Software

If you’re a blogger, marketer and course creator, this feature is essential to selling more of your products and services. But High-Level CRM tools lack this feature.

Affiliate software allows you to recruit affiliates to help promote your products and increase sales.

You may need to check the Clickfunnels software; if you need these features.

Not Good For eCommerce

For those in the eCommerce niche who want to grow their business with automated tools, GoHighLevel disappoints you in this aspect.

There are many eCommerce platforms that you can join, such as Shopify.

Limited Features For Course Creator

While you can sell online courses on the Go High Level platform, the tool still lacks many features you need to build a profitable online system that people will love.

You may want to check online course platforms such as Teachable, Thinkific etc. You can use this tool to launch digital products such as eBooks, mini-course, etc.

GoHighLevel Pricing


GoHighLevel has three payment options; we will examine each option and its costs.

Option 1: Agency Stater Plan: The starter plan costs $97 per month. Learn more about the GoHighLevel $97 pricing plan.

Option 2: Agency Unlimited Plan. The Unlimited account plan costs $297 per month.

Option 3: White Label Plan

The white-label plan costs an additional $497 per month. If you want to go for the white label, you must pay $297 plus $497, which is $794.

Now that you have more information about the GoHighLevel pricing, pros and cons, let’s look at some of the most frequently asked questions.

GoHighLevel Pros and Cons: Conclusion

You have read the benefits and drawbacks of GoGighLevel, and It is time to decide if you will sign up and test it for 14 days for free.

Sign up for the 14-Day Free Trial now

Best Alternative to GoHighLevel Software

There is some marketing software that has more features compared to the GohighLevel tool and you may want to check them.

Clickfunnels 2.0: Clickfunnels is the best alternative to HighLevel software and also provides a more advanced feature that makes it fit for any online business.

It is an all-in-one marketing tool that is combined into one platform. Whether you want to build a funnel for your business or create a membership site, you get all the features from Clickfunnels.

You can read my Clickfunnels 2.0 review and check the pricing plans to help you choose the plan that fits your business.

Systeme.io: This is another marketing software that you can check if you don’t like all the features of the Gohighlevel tool.

It is funnel builder software; you can also use it to sell digital products, generate more leads and grow your online business.

GoHighLevel FAQ

Is GoHighLevel Worth It?

The GoHighlevel features are worth trying, and they provide tremendous value for users, and even if you don’t like it in the end, it is not a huge loss.

With the 14-Day free trial, you’re 100% free to give it a shot; you won’t regret it.

GoHighlevel is the tool that replaces previous software like Clickfunnels for landing pages, Pipedrive and Hubspot CRM.

What is Go High-level CRM?

GoHighLevel CRM is a customer relationship management software that manages all customer interaction aspects. HighLevel CRM helps businesses generate leads and close more leads on autopilot.

If you have questions about the GoHighLevel Pros and Cons, kindly let us know in the comment section.

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