GetResponse Review 2022: A Tool for Email Marketing Pros

getresponse review

Email Marketing is an integral part of a business’s growth. However, if managed with a versatile tool, the results become amazing.

GetResponse tool is one of the leading email marketing software with extensive yet powerful features. And its competitive pricing works as a cherry on top.

In this GetResponse Review, I will give you a walkthrough of Getresponse features, pricing, pros, and cons to help you decide if the tool is the best for you or not. 

What is GetResponse?

GetResponse is an inbound marketing tool with many other supporting features. It lets you manage email newsletters create sales funnels, landing pages, and perfectly optimised websites.

With it, you can

  • set up your online business, 
  • build, grow and engage with the audience over email,
  • improve conversions with fast loading and optimise landing pages, and
  • boost online sales with returning customers.

Everything from a single and simple dashboard.

The reason behind the remarkable success of GetResponse is its consistent efforts on feature improvement. Since 1997, when Simon Grabowski launched it as an autoresponder, they have been consistently improving GetRespone in the backend.

GetResponse Pricing

GetResponse offers FOUR pricing options for three different time durations.

GetResponse  pricing 2022

There is an 18% discount on all three plans if you purchase for 12 months and a 30% discount for 24 months.

GetResponse Free Trial

GetResponse offers a 30-day free trial with access to all its unique features with a specific limit. If you are unsure how GetResponse can help your business grow, it is best to try the Risk-Free free trial option.

It includes

  • Unlimited Newsletters.
  • One Landing Page.
  • Website Builder.
  • Custom Domain. 
  • Sign-up Forms.

Use GetResponse Free for 30 Days

Basic Plan: $15 per month

GetResponse basic plan comes with everything, including the features in free plus.

  • Autoresponder
  • Unlimited Landing Pages
  • Unlimited Website Builder with increased bandwidth
  • Basic segmentation based on contact details in your account
  • Email Scheduling, so you won’t miss anything no matter what happens.

Plus: $49 per month

In addition to everything in Basic, the Plus plan comes with

  • Marketing Automation
  • Webinars
  • Contact Scoring and Tagging
  • Add THREE team members.
  • Advanced segmentation
  • Five Sales Funnels

Professional: $99 per month

This plan comes with additional features, including everything in the Plus plan. These include,

  • Unlimited Automation
  • Paid Webinars
  • Add up to Five Team Members
  • Built-in eCommerce features to streamline sales across different channels.
  • Web Push Notifications, and
  • Unlimited Sales Funnels to generate leads, sell products, and more.

Max – Custom Pricing ( For Firms and Enterprises)

If you are a firm or agency with specified needs, GetResponse has already set plans for you. Max plan comes with all GetResponse features in abundance. However, if you need access to more features, Max2 is also here.

The main difference is Max and Max2 is IP address, SMS quantity for SMS marketing, the limit for webinar attendees and users per account.

Max plan comes with shared IP, thousand SMS, 500 webinar attendees, and ten users per account. The Mx2 plan comes with a dedicated IP address, 5000 SMS, 1000 webinar attendees, and unlimited users per account – more versatile.

Contact GetResponse Support for Pricing

GetResponse Review:Features

GetResponse comes with many versatile features. Below is an inside look at how these features work in real-time. 

1.    Email Marketing

Email Marketing is GetResponse’s primary service, which is more brilliant than any other service provider. 

●      Email Creator

The GetResponse Email Creator comes with countless email templates and messages you can choose from.

Getresponse email editor

You can also specify the email category and check expert-created templates. However, if you want to create a simple yet unique design, you can create a blank template.

There are four blank templates in total.

You can choose any of the templates and start customisation with the drag and drop editor. The editor is the WYSIWYG editor. It lets you see the same layout and design your subscriber will see on their devices.

You can create almost any design you want, optimise it for different devices, and save the template for later use. A test feature lets you test the final design before you send it out to your audience.

Other additional features to help you get the most out of emails includes 

  • Click Tracking: You can track the click-through rate of the link shared in the email.
  • eCommerce Tracking: It lets you track the activity of your email subscribers on your eCommerce site, including purchasing, cart abandonment, or visiting a specific page.
  • Tracking Link Clicks with Google Analytics: If you want to track how many of your email subscribers visit your site, you need to configure Google Analytics on your site.

You can also share the same message with your Facebook and Twitter friends by integrating the platforms.

About sending time, you can either send it immediately, schedule for later or use the perfect timing option. With this option, GetResponse will send emails to your subscribers when they’re most likely to open and read it.

●      Autoresponder

Established businesses need to send a series of emails to their subscribers. Let’s say you want to send a welcome email to all of your new subscribers. You don’t need to send it one by one, manually. Instead, use the Autoresponder option.

From designing to defining the time of sending, you can specify things based on your preferences.

getresponse autoresponder

You can use autoresponders to greet new subscribers and provide them with the basic resources they need to get started. 

●      Email Analytics

GetResponse, email analytics reports, are wholesome in understanding how your subscribers interact with your email.

You can track and analyse the data on Click-through rate and the device your audience is using. Moreover, you can analyse data on A/B tests of subject lines, open rates, conversion rates, bounce rate, unsubscribe, and sales.

This data can be used further to identify the best performing materials and understand your audience’s interest.

●      Transactional Emails

If you have an eCommerce business, you need more features than list creation and sending emails. GetResponse transaction emails let you send automated emails to customers who forget something on their cart, abandoned cart emails, or successful transaction emails.

●      List Management

List management is an integral part of successful email marketing campaigns. Sorting out your subscribers based on their interests is the primary factor in keeping them engaged with your business or brand.

GetResponse lets you specify or group your entire email list in specific segments. Based on the interests of each segmented list, you can create personalised emails to serve them.

Personalisation is the key to making your subscribers feel more valued, ultimately increasing engagement rates.

2.    Website Builder

Website is the main representative of your online business. A well-designed, branded, and perfectly optimised website which loads faster on any browser is the foundation of a business’s growth.

GetResponse has a smart website builder. You can start creating your website by selecting a theme or using an AI-powered creator.

●      AI-powered Creator

The AI-powered creator is the best option for those who don’t know much about website building but still want to build a great website.

The AI will ask them questions on business niches and types. Based on the answers, it will develop suggested features that you should add to the site. You can also add any other features.

getresponse ai power

You can also select the colour theme of your website depending on the style you want OR add a link to your existing site, if you have, to import the colour theme.

With all these details, the AI-powered builder will again come up with the best suggestions. You can select the best one and start customisation with the WYSIWYG editor.

The editor is pretty clean, straightforward, and more accessible than the WordPress editor. So, even if you are a designing expert or just a beginner, like me, you can create stunning websites in clicks.

●      Forms and Popups

Although the suggested website from the AI editor will have all mandatory and necessary pages, a business website should have. But still, if you want to create additional pages with forms and popups, you can add them easily.

With the drag and drop editor, you can add contact forms and email sign-up forms of different styles anywhere on the page.

The same is for the popup. You need to drag and drop the option on the page to add the popup and add any element, including text, button, or form.

You can also set the position, trigger, timing, frequency and decide whether you want to display it on the mobile device based on its layout and optimisation. Keep everything as you want and wish.

●      Predesigned Templates

Aside from the AI-powered editor, GetResponse has a massive list of predesigned templates.

From available templates, you can use the type and category of your website to get the best relevant suggestions.

3.    Marketing Automation

GetResponse offers all the marketing automation solutions you need to amplify your business growth. You can create automation for welcome emails to welcome your new contacts, customers, clients, affiliate product promotions, and whatnot.

There are several pre-made templates you can select to create a drip-free campaign.

marketing automation

●      Tags & Score

With tags & scores, you can clean your existing email list and remove contacts that have stopped engaging with your content. You can select the workflow and define when and how to treat a contact in your list.

tag and score

●      Abandoned Cart Emails

When running an eCommerce business, an abandoned cart is the biggest problem you could face. However, if you thoughtfully create a reminder strategy, there are higher chances of a successful purchase.

You can either create a single reminder, a series of reminders, or a time-sensitive reminder with an offer to make them pay.

●      Affiliate Promotions

For affiliate marketers, GetResponse has a set of automation options. With these options, you can promote your affiliate offers, automatically deliver content on subscription, promote a high ticket affiliate program, encourage your subscribers to buy again, and much more.

You can also host webinars and send automated webinar registration reminders to increase attendance.

4.    Conversion Funnels

The above features are designed to generate your audience. However, conversion funnels have everything you need to convert your visitors into customers.

Depending on your goal, you can select the funnel type and start creating it in just clicks.

●      Sales Funnels

Sales funnels are designed for those who want to sell their products or attract a new audience to make them a successful purchase.

getresponse sale funnels

However, if you want to take your audience directly to the sales page to make a purchase, you can use the “Quick Sales Funnel.”

●      Lead Magnet Funnel

Lead Magnet funnel is designed for those who want to build their audience by giving away something for free. The lead magnet could be anything, including an eBook, flipbook, a document, checklist, a guide, or whitepaper.

You can easily use your lead magnet. GetResponse has multiple pre-made lead magnet options ready for you.

5.    Live Chat

Live chat is a newly launched feature in GetResponse that lets you connect with your audience in real-time. You have full control over chat personalisation. You can select specific colours to add a logo and your picture to let your audience know that there is a human behind the chat window.

You can specify the chat availability options away option and add a visitor capture form to nurture them later via email.

Moreover, you can always view the chat data under closed chat on how satisfied your customers are and what queries are common among them. Based on this data, you can create a knowledge base to address the common questions more accurately and detailedly.

6.    Landing Pages

Landing pages are the best if you create with GetResponse. It comes with more than 200 landing page templates. Depending on your goal, you can select any of them and customise the built-in editor.

You can add free stock photos and GIFs to your landing pages and optimise them for mobile devices. There are SEO options too that you can use to add optimised meta titles and descriptions of the landing page.

Once done and published, you will have access to data, including the number of visitors, bounce rate, click, and conversions. You can also try multiple variations and try A/B testing to find out what’s working best for you. 

You can integrate the landing page with Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Facebook Pixel, and more.

7.    Web Push Notifications

Web push notifications are browser notifications sent to your visitor’s device – which is a great way to bring back interesting leads and increase ROI. With GetResponse, you can easily create contextual, timely, and personalised web push notifications to interact with your visitors when they aren’t on your site.

The foundation of web push notifications is its sign-up form, which is the same as the email opt-in form most of the time. However, if you create a personalised opt-in prompt, then the chances of getting sign-ups to become double.

This is what GetResponse helps you do.

You can easily create customised prompts with custom colours and brand icons. With this feature, you can promote different offers and even bring back your cart abandoners with a more appealing offer.

8.    Paid Ads

Another great feature of GetResponse is its paid ads. Unlike any other tool, where you barely get enough features, GetResponse lets you quickly set up paid ads campaigns from a single dashboard.

You can connect with a new audience and make them be a part of your

  • Email newsletter
  • Close clientele, or
  • New leads

GetResponse lets you create and optimise your content as per your target audience’s interests and locate new audiences with the same interests. With optimised content, you can engage with your existing and new audiences.

Moreover, you can also get back your non-converting qualified leads who already have a great interest in your topics. You can create more specific and relevant ads to run retargeting ad campaigns.

9.    SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is the future as people are more likely to read messages than emails. GetReponse can set up a triggered-based SMs marketing campaign to connect with your target audience.

●      SMS Editor

With SMS Editor, you can create a personalised message for your audience. You can also add emojis and the sender’s name.

●      URL Shortener

No one is going to read long texts. Lengthy URLs will take your text space and might affect your attention span. So, with the GetResponse URL shortener feature, you can customise and shorten your URL to save text characters.

●      SMS Reports

Again, you need data to plan out your marketing campaigns. GetResponse gives you access to all data to help you measure campaign cost and results.

Pros and Cons

The Getresponse review will not be complete without letting you know some of the pros and cons. And as a GetResponse user, my take on GetResponse pros and cons are here.


  • It has many templates for email newsletters, landing pages, and websites.
  • WYSIWYG builder to help you get a clear picture of your final web page or newsletter.
  • You can perfectly optimise landing pages for different devices, including desktop and mobile.
  • A wholesome webinar feature – you don’t need any other tool.


  • There is no chat support for those just discovering and exploring the platform. However, users will have access to 24/7 live chat support for free and paid plans. 

GetResponse Review Summary

GetResponse is a perfect marketing suite for those who want to kickstart their online business and those struggling to increase their ROI. From setting your website to hosting paid webinars, everything is seamless in GetResponse.

There is no hassle of landing page optimisation, layout, loading speed, email marketing, and email personalisation. You can easily incorporate the branding factor into your campaigns and nurture qualified leads into customers.

What do you use to manage marketing tasks in your business? Let us know in the comment.

Also, if you have any questions concerning this Getresponse review 2022, let also know from your comment