FPA Workshop Review [2024]: Legit or Scam?

FPA workshop review

In today’s post, I will discuss the FPA workshop review to know if it’s legit or a smother scam.

The FPA workshop is an entirely free training webinar where the creator, Karia Marie, teaches about the Amazon Kindle direct publishing business model.

The training reveals step by step on how to profit by publishing fiction books on Amazon.

Karia explained in her training how self-publishing can be a profitable business model.

The FPA workshop training shows the steps anyone can follow to start making money by publishing Fiction books on Kindle direct publishing.

After the Karia Marie free workshop, she introduced her Fiction Profits Academy training program.

But before joining the Karia Marie online course, you need to know if the FPA workshop is Legitimate or a scam.

So, is Fiction Profits Academy worth it?

Let’s take a look at the FPA workshop review.

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FPA Workshop Overview

Product Name: FPA Workshop

Creator: Karia Marie

Price: Free and paid

Official Website: Click Here

What Is FPA Workshop?

The FPA workshop is a free live webinar that explains how to build a profitable business on Amazon using Kindle direct publishing. The workshop reveals how to write and self-publish fiction books on Amazon to make money online.

The workshop highlights simple ways to make money on Amazon without selling physical products.

With the free training, you don’t need skills or experience in Kindle publishing to make money with self-publishing.

The training provides step-by-step instructions, from writing your first book to publishing it on Amazon Kindle.

After the Karia Marie FPA workshop free webinar, she introduced her high-ticket online training program, Fiction Profits Academy, to all the webinar attendees to learn more about the Amazon Kindle publishing business.

How Much Does Fiction Profit Academy Cost?

The Fiction Profits Academy costs $2,000, and Karia explains that the training is worth the price.

If you’re looking for a legit business model that has the potential to generate 6 figures per year, then you may want to check the Fiction Profits Academy. 

Here is what is Inside the training program

Section 1:The million-dollar mindset

Section 2;The basic

Section 3:Write your first book

Section 4: Create the perfect cover

Section 5:Formatting your book

Section 6 The KDP guide

Section 7: The perfect launch and promotion strategies

Section 8: FB ads mastery course

Section 9 (: Building Raven fans

Section 10: Scaling your KDP business

These are some of what she covers in her FPA training. All members will also get access to the private Facebook group where anyone can ask questions and help others.

In addition to the Facebook group, Karia offers weekly coaching sessions to all her students to stay on track and maximize their profits.

Does FPA Workshop Worth It?

Yes, the FPA Workshop is worth It because it shows anyone steps to generate income online using Amazon Kindle publishing. Even if you have experience, you can still benefit from the free webinar.

Not only that, Karia Marie showed testimonies and proof of earning from her program.

 I registered with the FPA free workshop and watched the webinar. I saw many screenshots of the FPA course students, and I was amazed.

If you are interested in Kindle publishing, then make sure to watch this workshop; it will help you to take action.

Although this online business model is not new, not many people know the potential of the KPD.

Now that you understand the FPA free webinar, let’s examine whether the workshop is a scam.

Is FPA Workshop a Scam?

is PFA workshop a scam

As I explained at the start of this FPA workshop review, this training is not a scam but a legitimate business model that can help anyone build a profitable online business.

 I have read many reviews of the FPA workshop, claiming the course is a scam.

At the end of their review, they will introduce you to another online course where they can get paid when you join.

When you join the free workshop, you will see many students making profits from the Amazon KDP by implementing what they learned from the Karia Marie Fiction Profits Academy.

The Karia self-publishing books training is beginner-friendly, and you don’t need to have prior experience before you can join her course.

Who Is Karia Marie?

Karia FPA workshop

Karia Marie is an entrepreneur and self-publisher who has published many fiction books on Amazon. She shared her experience in her new course, Fiction Profits Academy.

Karia has helped many people write and publish their books and build profitable online businesses using only Amazon Kindle publishing.

Her training gives anyone who wants to jump into the self-publishing business an opportunity to learn from Karia’s experience without need to waste their time and resources.

Karia Marie’s FPA workshop is a good place to start your KDP business and learn all her processes for building a successful Amazon Kindle publishing business.

Karia reveals how she is making over 20k per month from her books on Amazon in her free webinar and how you can replicate her process.

Fiction Profits Academy Case Studies

To let you know that the FPA course is not a scam, below are some of the results of the FPA students to give you a better understanding of the program.

Chave L

fpa workshop testimonies

Shave L is one of the FPA students, and she has generated over $1 million from her Amazon Kindle publishing. She followed all the steps that Karia Marie lay down in her Fiction Profits Academy.

If Chave can do it and get this type of results, you too can do it better. It os time to plan to build your future by leveraging the power of Amazon KDP business.

Rachel R

FPA workshop case studies 1

Rachel R was able to quit her 9 to 5 job after she implemented what she learned from the Karia Marie FPA workshop. The training changed her mindset, and she built 6 figure business by publishing Kindle books on Amazon.

If you want to start a fiction self-publishing business, don’t look further; join Karia Marie’s Fiction Profits Academy and start your journey to success.

Ray Lewis

FPA case studies

What of Ray Lewis?

He quit his day job and focused on his Kindle publishing business. He did not have any experience before joining the FPA course.

If you’re still doubting about this program, I recommend you register for the free workshop to learn more about it.

The results may not be the same, but if you can work hard and dedicate your time, your success will come.

It may not happen overnight, but if you follow what you will learn from the training, you will see the results of your hard work in two months.

What I like about the FPA workshop

The FPA business model is legit, and there is the potential to build 6 figure per year business.

Real Success Stories from FPA students

Many people make money when they apply what they learned from the Karia Marie training program.

It is a great thing to acquire more knowledge and put it into practice.

The FPA course teaches you skills to help you build a sustainable business that can generate income for many years.

The best business model for beginners

This is one of the best businesses for beginners, as there is no more upfront investment besides the FPA training.

You don’t need to spend money before publishing your book on Amazon Kindle. And that is great.

What I don’t like about FPA Workshop

The cost of the course seems expensive, and not everyone would be able to afford it.

What is the FPA Workshop Cost?

The FPA workshop is free; it does not cost you any investment.

But the creator introduces her online course to anyone registering for the free workshop.

The course is Fiction Profits Academy, and it is optional. But if you want to go for Amazon Kindle publishing, you may want to try it.

The training cost a $2,000 one-time payment. There is also an instalment payment. You can learn more.

FPA Workshop Review: Conclusion

We are at the end of the FPA review, and now you better understand what the FPA workshop is about.

Karla Marie FPA workshop is a free webinar that teaches you how to start publishing fiction books on Amazon KDP and make money.

The program teaches you how to earn even beyond your thought and build a profitable online business through self-publishing.

This is a free workshop, so you have nothing to lose. Take action today, and be part of the people generating 6 figures using the KDP business model.

Many Karla Marie FPA workshop reviews on the internet claimed that the training is not legit and recommended another program.

This is not true; they get paid when you join the program they recommend, so they make their money.

The FPA course is legitimate training; you may check it out if you want to start a KDP business.

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