eSelling Machine Review [2023] By Sophie Howard

eSelling Machine program is a new income generation method using Amazon Kindle, KPD print and more.

Best of all, users can access tools to help them complete their tasks on time while saving time and money.

For those looking for a new business model to build a business, you can consider eSelling machine program.

The training reveals different ways to make money from your book, such as Amazon Kindle, KDP print and audible.

You don’t need the experience to build your business on Amazon Kindle; you only need to follow what you will learn from the Sophie Howard eSelling Machine course.

In the world of online entrepreneurship, publishing has become a breeding ground for opportunities and profits. With Amazon as the leading marketplace, mastering the art of Kindle, KDP Print, and Audible publishing can be a key to financial success.

The eSelling Machine training program reveals the secrets to generating profits through these Amazon channels.

 In this review, we will examine the details of the eSelling Machine program, discuss the training, its benefits, and its pricing structure, and identify who can benefit from this course.

In addition, we’ll explore the new tool– the Abundant Scribe toolkit – and provide a comprehensive insight into how it complements the eSelling Machine experience.

eSelling Machine Review: An Overview

  • Product Name: eSelling Machine
  • Creator:: Sophie Howard
  • Price:$2,497
  • Official Website::Click Here
  • Niche: Amazon Kindle & Audiobook

What is the eSelling Machine?

eselling machine review

The eSelling Machine is an online training program designed to help entrepreneurs and aspiring authors harness the power of Amazon’s Kindle, KDP Print, and Audible platforms.

These platforms have changed how content is created, published, and consumed.

Whether you are an author, a publisher, or simply looking to monetize your content, the eSelling Machine program offers a structured pathway to share your skills and knowledge to success.

 It provides step-by-step training for anyone who wants to effectively market and sell their products on Amazon, which has millions of potential customers.

Who Is Sophie Howard?

Sophie Howard is a great author, entrepreneur and business coach. She is from New Zealand and has extensive experience in Amazon FBA.

Today, Sophie Howard claimed to be generating $30,000 per month selling both eBooks and physical books on Amazon.

She is experienced in Amazon Kindle publishing and reveals all the secrets behind her success inside the eSelling Machine course.

How eSelling Machine Works:

The eSelling Machine program works by providing all the students with in-depth training, strategies, and resources required to build a profitable business on the Amazon marketplace successfully.

 It’s a step-by-step training that takes the students through creating, publishing, and promoting their ebooks through Kindle, KDP Print, and Audible.

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Here’s how it works:

Training Modules:  eSelling Machine offers a series of training modules each focusing on specific aspects of content creation, publishing, and marketing.

These trainings are designed for both beginners and experienced entrepreneurs and authors.

Tools and Resources: The program provides a range of tools and resources that can simplify various tasks regarding publishing books. It includes the Abundant Scribe software as part of the program.

Community Support: eSelling Machine fosters a community of like-minded individuals on the same publishing journey. eSelling Machine community provides a platform for students to share their experiences and collaborate on projects.

Ongoing Updates: The eSelling Machine program is continuously updated to keep up with the ever-evolving landscape of book publishing, marketing and sales.

This ensures all students access to the latest strategies and tools.

Benefits of eSelling Machine Program

The eSelling Machine program offers many benefits to its students:

Comprehensive Learning: The program equips you with an understanding of Amazon Kindle, KDP Print, and Audible, enabling you to leverage these platforms effectively.

Versatility: Whether you’re an author, publisher, or just someone looking to earn from publishing books, eSelling Machine caters to your needs.

Time and Cost Efficiency: By providing tools and strategies, eSelling Machine makes the process of creating content and marketing easy, saving you time and resources.

Community: The program connects you with a community of experienced book publishing entrepreneurs, fostering collaboration and support.

Profit Potential: With Amazon’s vast customer base, the profit potential for those who master the art of book publishing is enormous.

Who can benefit from eSelling Machine Course?

The eSelling Machine program is an online course that can benefit anyone who is looking for a way to generate income online:

Authors and Writers: For those looking to self-publish their work or increase their earnings through Amazon Kindle, KDP Print, and Audible, eSelling Machine provides invaluable knowledge, resources and tools.

Publishers: Whether you run a publishing company or work independently, eSelling Machine can help you optimize your content and maximize your revenue on Amazon and other platforms

Content Creators: Bloggers, podcasters, and content creators can learn how to share their skills and knowledge effectively and generate more revenue by selling Kindle books.

Aspiring Amazon Sellers: Anyone interested in selling products on Amazon can learn how to create and market e-books, print books, and audiobooks, thus tapping into the vast Amazon customers.

And lastly, anyone who wants to start an online business and generate passive income.

Abundant Scribe: The Essential Companion

The Abundant Scribe is the art of the eSelling Machine program.

This toolkit has over 30 A.I. writing tools designed to assist you in researching and writing information products. In its second version, the Abundant Scribe has included more advanced features and additional tools.

eCover Creator: An eye-catching book cover is essential for attracting potential readers and buyers. The Abundant Scribe’s eCover Creator helps you design high-quality covers to make your books stand out on the Amazon Kindle page.

Research Tools: The toolkit includes powerful tools to help you research statistics and insights needed to create engaging books to help people with solutions.

Writing Tools: The tool offers a wide range of writing tools that can assist you in creating content for your book. These A.I tools make the writing process more efficient.

Fiction Writing Tools: A notable feature of Abundant Scribe version 2 is that it includes over 20 A.I. writing tools tailored for fiction writers to help generate creative ideas, characters, and storylines.

Incorporating the Abundant Scribe into the eSelling Machine program is a game changer for any eSelling machine students to fast-track their success.

By utilizing these A.I. tools, users and students can create higher-quality, more compelling books more efficiently. This, in turn, can lead to higher sales on Amazon’s platforms.

What Is Inside The Training Program

  • The Master Blueprint – Step By Step Video Training
  • Abundant Scribe Premium Edition Tool – More than AI Enhanced VIP Tools for Non-Fiction Writing (the game changer!)
  • Expert VIP Concierge Team
  • Sophie Howard Black Book of Contacts
  •  Weekly Group Coaching for 12 months

And when you take action today, you will also get access to Sophie Howard bonuses.


  • 3 Touch Point Check-ins
  • Niche Finder Software
  • : Public Domain Masterclass
  • Low Content Masterclass
  •  Paperback and Audible Profit Multiplier
  • International Profit Multiplier
  •  Fast Launch Facebook Group

eSelling Machine Pricing

The eSelling Machine program offers two pricing plans:

The first option is a one-time payment, which costs $2 497, while the 3-payment option costs $997 per month for three months.

The second option is for people who can afford to pay one-time payments.

You get a discount of $449 when you subscribe to the $2,497 payment option.

eSelling Machine Review Conclusion:

The eSelling Machine program, with its focus on Amazon Kindle, KDP Print, and Audible, provide a solution for people seeking to profit from self-publishing business.

Whether you’re interested in publishing the physical book in paperback and hardcover or digitally through Kindle eBooks with Audible Audio Books, the eSelling machine provides training and opportunities to make great sales through all three channels.

It is a groundbreaking system that reveals a simple process to turn your passion into profit by creating and selling physical, Kindle, and Audible books on Amazon.

The Abundant Scribe tool – a game-changing AI tool for research and writing for you.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to Self-Publish or want to start; this system is easy to follow.

Join Sophie Howard now and get access to all the bonuses.

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