What Is The Cost of Shopify Plus In 2024? Shopify Plus Pricing

If you are using Shopify for your online store and want to upgrade to Shopify Plus but don’t know how much it will cost, then this article will explain the Shopify Plus pricing.

Many people get confused about the Shopify Plus price. We will break down the cost associated with Shopify Plus, so you will know what you expect to pay for the platform.

What will I cover in this article?

  • Shopify Plus Fees
  • Card processing Fees
  • App Fees
  • Maintenance Fees
  • What does it cost to migrate to Shopify Plus?

The Cost of Shopify Plus In 2023 is $2,000 per month

So, let’s get started.

What Is Shopify Plus?

shopify plus pricing 2024

Shopify Plus is an eCommerce enterprise solution designed explicitly for high-growth online stores.

It has all the tools you need to manage your e-commerce business in one platform.

You can manage all your business, and not just a store.

Shopify Plus Platform Fees

The Shopify plus fees is $2000 per month.

The plus features allow you to remove all unnecessary costs from your budget. You can do more and make more changes fast with a small team for less time and money.

The plus pricing model is based on usage, which equals the monthly sales volume.

The more sales you make, the more support you will need and the more server resources you will use.

You are expected to pay the minimum Shopify plus fees of $2,000 per month. And that is the standard setup and integrations.

And when you’re making $800,000 or more per month from your eCommerce store, the Shopify plus fees will turn into a revenue-based model, and you will need to pay 0.25% of your monthly revenue.

Summary: If your store(s) generate between $0 and $800,000 (USD) per month, the Shopify Plus price will be $2,000 per month.

If your store makes more than $800,000 per month, Shopify will charge you an additional 0.25% of your sales from your store per month.

Shopify Plus Credit Card Transaction Fees

Many factors must be considered when evaluating the Shopify credit card processing fees.

So, below is the summary of how the fees work.

If you’re not using the Shopify payment method, you will be charged 0.15% per transaction.

According to the Shopify team, the 0.15% transaction is to cover additional security and help them maintain the PCL requirement.

But if you use Shopify payment, there is no need to pay 0.15 per cent for every transaction.

With this approach, you can decide to choose what fits your business.

In addition, you can also consider using Shop Pay. You can get up to 18% higher conversion rate and 60% checkout faster when you enable Shop Pay on your store.

For using Shopify payment in the United States, you will pay 2.15% + $0.3% for each transaction on a domestic Master Card and Visa.

And an additional 1% on the AMEX and international cards.

Many merchants use a third-party payment gateway since the rate compared to Shopify may be lower, even with the $0.15 charges.

Note that Shopify is integrated with more than 70 payment gateways worldwide, and each gateway has its fees.

How Much Do Shopify Apps Cost?

Let’s look at the price of the Shopify Plus app to know what you should expect when deciding to use this plan.

The price starts from free to $500 per month and up.

Here are some of the app’s categories in the store to help you.

  • Marketing
  • Shipping
  • Store design
  • Finances
  • Sales and Conversions
  • Inventory Management

Most of these apps are free, while some are paid. Many apps also have a free trial, so you can use them before they charge you.

Your Shopify Plus store may need a few third-party apps to get more robust features and functionality, such as search solutions, subscription services, loyalty programs etc.

Since the number of apps you can use for your store varies, it isn’t easy to know how much these apps will cost.

However, from the research of the Plus stores, they spend less on apps because most of these apps may already be integrated with this plan.

Benefits of Using Shopify Plus

There are many advantages of using Plus, and below are a few.

  • Users can get up to 18% high conversion with Shop Pay.
  • Access in-built AR, video, and 3D media on store product pages
  • Good shopping experience with multiple currencies, languages, and stores for B2B and DTC.
  • Easily customize your checkout, and offer discounts and shopping rates.
  • Unlimited Transactions and products

Shopify Plus allows you to launch fast while saving much money with its cost-effective monthly fees.

What Included In $2,000/month Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus contains all the tools you need to manage your business without the cost of other traditional software.

With Shopify Plus:

Get up to 18% conversion with Shopify shop pay and 60% faster checkout.

Access to built-in AR, video and 3D Medial on product pages.

Deliver localised shopping experience with multiple stores, currencies, and languages for B2B and DTC.

Easy customised checkout, offering advanced discounts and shipping rates.

Improve paid ads to get high-intent buyers and reduce conversion costs with Shopify audiences.

Prevent you from losing sales with unlimited transactions and products with 99.9% uptime.

Shopify Plus Integration

  • Shopify Plus allows you to sell fast with rapid integration with your tech stack and tools.
  • It makes migrating customers, products and data into your store easy.
  • It works with many certified apps to extend that platform to fit your business.
  • The Shopify Plus has many advantages, and it is worth the price.

The Shopify costs for standard store setups and integrations begin at $2,000 per month. For higher volume business transactions, there is a variable fee option.

You can start with the $2,000 per month, and when your transaction exceeds, you can now upgrade to any variable fee option that fits your needs.

Why is Shopify Plus better than Shopify?

While both are good for stores, with the basic eCommerce features and a dashboard, Shopify Plus has more advanced features than Shopify, offering better customisation, flexibility, support options, automated workflow, built-in AR, integrations and more.

How Many stores can you Have with Shopify Plus?

You can create unlimited stores to sell products in different languages and currencies and make them accessible to a global audience.

Is there any other cost?

No, except for one-time themes and any third-party apps you need for your business.

What Is the cost of migrating to Shopify Plus?

Shopify does not charge you to migrate your store. The cost depends on your business and existing eCommerce platform.

Shopify provides representatives to help you and outline the costs and resources you will need to migrate your existing store.

Make sure you only install useful apps that better impact your store.

>> Upgrade To The Shopify Plus


We have explained the cost of Shopify plus per month, and if you want to join the Plus, you can do so today and experience all the benefits.

The Shopify Plus plan costs $2000 per month for the standard setup and integrations.

And if you are selling high volume, there are some variable fee options you can check on the Shopify platform.

Are You Ready To Upgrade To Shopify Plus?

By upgrading to the Shopify Plus plan, you get all the power you need to scale your eCommerce business, advanced marketing tools, and the lowest transaction fees on any Shopify plan.

Over 14,000 brands are using plus accounts, and you can be part of them today.

Shopify Plus Vs Shopify Pricing Plans

Below is another Shopify pricing plan you may want to know if you have yet to join this eCommerce platform.

There are 3 Shopify plans: Basic, Shopify and advanced.

The Basic Plan: The plan costs $24 per month and is billed yearly.

The Shopify Plan: This plan costs $69 per month, billed yearly

The advance plan costs $299 per month and is billed annually.

All plans have a free trial to test the platform and determine if your chosen plan fits your e-commerce business.

Shopify also has a starter plan which allows you to sell your products through social and messaging apps.

The Shopify starter costs $1 per month.

You can learn more about the starter plan here.


Is Shopify plus expensive?

The plus plan is not expensive compared to all that you will get. But it is not for beginners and someone is yet to transact high sales volume.

How much does Shopify plus charge per sale?

Shopify plus charge 2.15% + $0.30 per transaction. This may vary depending on the country. If you’re using Shopify payment, the fees are not the same.

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