Product Launch Formula Review [2022]

product launch formula review

If you want to launch your first digital product, a coaching program or an online course this year and you don’t know how and where to start, then here is an opportunity to meet the launch expert, Jeff Walker.

In this Product Launch Formula Review, I will share in detail, the benefits, pros, cons, and cost of the program to help you decide if the training is for you.

He is well-known when it comes to product launches, and he has taught thousands of successful students.

The PLF training is mainly for people looking for a course on how to quickly launch their product, service, or book to build the business they’ve been dreaming of.

The PLF launch strategies are responsible for more than a hundred million dollars in sales, and the techniques work for any kind of online business you can imagine.

If you think the PLF may not work for your niche, I can tell you that this training works for any market or niche you can imagine.

The Product Launch Formula Review

  • Product Name: Product Launch Formula
  • Official
  • Author: Jeff Walker
  • Price:$1,997  OR $997 X 6
  • Recommended: Absolutely

What is the Product Launch Formula (PLF)?

jeff walker product launch formula

Product Launch Formula by Jeff Walker is a program that teaches how to launch your product. Service or book from scratch without prior experience and build a life-changing business you can be proud of, generate more income and scale up your business from Zero to Hero.

So, if you’re thinking of launching your product, the product launch formula is what you need to get started.

Jeff revealed the three CORE strategies in product launching: The initial launch, the seed launch, and the Joint venture launch. These are the framework for your marketing.

Who Is Jeff Walker?

What is the product launch formula?

Jeff Walker is a launch expert who has taught product launch formula since 2005. Many things have changed since the first launch, and now, thousands of people have gone through his training. They have launched all kinds of products, online courses, services, and books in every market.

He is the author of the bestselling book “LAUNCH” Jeff has developed the PLF as a proven step-by-step training for launching any product online that you can follow and implement in your business.

Since the first release of PLF in 2005, over 100,000 people have gone through his training, and the PLF students have done over $1 billion in launches using PLF. They’ve done it in more than hundreds of different markets and niches around the world.

If you want to learn more about how the Product Launch Formula works, then join FREE Launch Workshop. You’ll learn how to launch your first product, service, book or business with maximum result and success.

Review of Product Launch Formula Workshop

The product launch formula workshop consists of FOUR part training videos and PDFs you can download. In this launch master class workshop, Jeff will reveal the secrets he has been teaching in product launch formula (PLF).

Here is What Jeff Cover in his Product Launch Formula masterclass

  • How to Launch
  • Your Launch Path
  • Your Launch Blueprint
  • Getting You Launched

With more than three hours of content planned for each lesson, 12+ hours of absolutely, 100% FREE training to help you launch your product.

Click here to register for Free Masterclass training

It is a proven formula that thousands of people have tested and used to start and build a profitable online business fast.

Each of the videos in the training series represents an essential part of product launches which are:

  • The core element of a successful launch
  • Seed launch
  • The product launch blueprint

How Does Product Launch Formula Work?

Seed launch is a way of creating quality content about your product to build an email list. Jeff walks you through the process of seed launching. You will learn how to use seed launch to create your product and build an email list.

The second step is to do an internal launching and combine sideway sales. Since you have delivered some great value to get people excited about your launch, your list has started growing.

Because your internal launch has excellent value and helps people solve their problems through your pre-launch content, it caught the attention of many JV partners in your niche.

This leads you to do a JV launch for your product. And all of a sudden, you got some established marketers ready to promote your product and business to give your product launch more exposure.

Your list is growing faster, and sales are 10x what you did in your internal launching. You have a commission to pay to the affiliate who promotes your launch, and your result is impressive. What an incredible internal launch?

That is a quick preview of Launch stacking, and it doesn’t stop there because you have an idea for more products to create and launch. Once you master these, it will never be your last product to launch, and you can replicate the whole process repeats.

What Included In PLF Training –A Quick Overview?

The Product formula launch program contains 80 teaching video series from Jeff and his team and almost 40 hours of premium content to walk you through the process of creating and launching your first product.

The Jeff walker product launch formula raining includes the following:

 launch roadmap and seven modules that revealed Jeff’s total sales strategy-

The SideWays Sales Letter” to prepare your first launch

build your email list,

Develop pre-launch content and create engaging videos that convert.

The summary of PLF

  • The product launch formula program
  • PLF Template and case studies
  • Jeff Walker $7 Million Product Launch Swipes File
  • 12 months of access to Jeff’s Private Forum and his Platinum Level Coaching
  • 6 Months of Follow Up Coaching Calls With Jeff Platinum Coaches
  • Q & A session with Jeff and his team
  • Plus $6,997.00 Bonus from Jeff:
  • Ticket to the three days PLF Live Workshop by Jeff
  • Product Creation Kits
  • Launching Your List

 7 Modules of Product Launch Formula –The Road Map

Who Is the Product Launch Formula 2022 Program For?

The product launch formula is for people with an audience and business or who are looking to start a new business.

  • If you have a product to sell but failed
  • Have a great idea for a product but don’t know where and how to start
  • Bloggers
  • Affiliate marketers
  • Coaches
  • Consultants
  • Speakers
  • Health & Fitness trainers
  • Publishers
  • Podcasters
  • Etc

Now, let’s look at what you will learn in each of the modules to give you a better understanding of the entire course.

Jeff PLF Guarantee

One of the questions people ask is their guarantee before investing in the course.

No other training available can teach you the ins and outs of product launching.

If you track Jeff’s record, there is no question about his ability to deliver. Since 2005, PLF has helped countless people to launch their six-figure products; if his strategies don’t work, the course won’t still be available at this moment.

Jeff Walker has a wealth of experience in product launching and is well-known as the KING of product launch.

If you still doubt his skills and strategies, you can take his FREE masterclass training to know what you will get from the PLF program.

Jeff offers 30-day money-back guarantee in case you’re unsatisfied with his training.

The Pros and Cons Of Product Launch Formula

The Pros

Jeff applies a practical approach to his training; it goes beyond just theory like other courses. There is no fluff in his course.

Jeff has a proven record.

He has taught many top entrepreneurs like Stu McLearn, Ray Edwards and more.

The Step By Step Instruction

Live Calls: As a PLF student, you will get direct free access to Jeff, where you can ask him any question bothering you about the product launch.

Lifetime Access

You will get lifetime access to Jeff’s training. You only need to pay once; no other payment is required.

The Cons About Product Launch Formula

I love Jeff’s training, which is still the best, but to be honest, there are a few cons about the product launch formula.

The Product Launch Formula Price

product launch formula cost is $1997 for a one-time payment and $397 for 6 times payment.

But the price should not be the factor stopping you from achieving your goals. The knowledge and the training you will get are more than the cost.

A lot of Information

The PLF is not for lazy people or those looking to copy and paste to make money online. It would help if you prepared to work hard to learn all Jeff Walker teaches in this course. He makes the training easy to digest and understand.

Now that you understand how the product launch formula work, you can take action and get your hand on your way to launching a profitable and successful product.

Click here to get access to the Product Launch Formula Program.

Is Product Launch Formula Right For You?

You need to decide for yourself if the course is right for you or not. But if you are considering launching a product or service or want to start a new business, I firmly believe the PLF course is a roadmap to your success.

Even if you don’t have any product ideas or an old product you want to re-launch, the PLF will provide the step-by-step guide and support to launch your product successfully.

My Product Launch Formula Bonus

For those who purchase the product launch formula through my link, I have a huge bonus that will help you to get more results when launching your product.

I get small referral fees for everyone who enrols in PLF through my link, which helps me run this website while still taking care of my family.

From my experience with the PLF,I haven’t heard any negative or bad words from the course.I have confidence in Jeff Walker’s product launch formula, and I decided to offer you my best bonus to support and make your product launch successful.

PLF Offer Summary

What is included in the Product Launch Formula Coaching Program:

 The complete PLF training program and portal walk you through all the strategies that have driven more than  BILLION dollars in launches by PFL students.

The Nine modules walk you through step by step to create your first launch and market it to thousands of customers.

Get access to Email swipe copy and checklists to help keep and help you on track, module by module.

A Comprehensive launch video and scripts from launches in various markets with a breakdown by Jeff Walker.

Jeff Product Launch Swipe File: The email copy from $7 million in launches that Jeff has done, plus more copies from some of PLF Owners’ launches. You can use this copy so you’re not facing a blank page when you sit down to plan your first launch.

PLF Portal Community, where all students can ask questions and get answers and support from Jeff’s team and fellow members of the community.

 Transcripts of all the training videos if you like to read more than watch videos

 Love listen to the training instead of watching the videos; audio-only files is available of all the training videos. This is great while you’re driving or taking a walk).

 12 months of live Coaching Calls with Jeff and his in-house team of coaches.

The Facebook PLF Owners Alumni group


#1: Launching Your List: A video training course that shows you how to grow an email list of people hungry for your offer.

#2: The full-blown “Product Creation Code. The video training shows you how to create an online training program for which people will pay you.

#3: Get two tickets to Jeff’s “PLF Live 2022” program – this is a three-day, live, an in-person workshop led personally by Jeff. The event will likely be in April.

#4: “Book Launch Campaigns” This bonus is all about how to launch your book.

#5: The Secrets of Leverage And Scale mini-module is about creating true leverage and scale in your business ( make more money and have more impact without working more hours).

#6: The Launch Partnership: This mini-module teaches you the lucrative business of helping other people with their launches, either as a consultant, a launch manager or as a full business partner.

Spatial Launch Training

Your Tech Stack Quick Start

Operation Quick Start

Plus more unannounced bonuses

Product Launch Formula Review: Conclusion

The product launch formula course is the #1 training program that teaches you how to launch a successful digital product such as eBook, online courses, membership site and more with excellent results.

There are many testimonies and amazing results from the PLF students,and you can also be part of themwhen ou take action today.


How much does the Product Launch formula cost?

The PLF cost $1,997 for one-time payments, while the six-time price is $397.If you’re on a tight budget, you can subscribe for six instalment payments of $397 per month.

Does the product launch formula work?

The product launch formula by Jeff Walker is a great program that over-delivered. There are many success stories about the training, and many PLF students are killing it. Their success is attributed to the PLF course.

How often is jeff walker’s product launch formula available?

The jeff walker’s product launch formula available once in a year.And if you want to join the program, it will re-open on October,2022, for this year. Alternatively, you can join the waiting list by clicking the link below.

How to access jeff walker product launch formula onlne free?

You can access jeff walker product launch formula onlne free when you join his masterclass workshop. The masterclss free workshop is a complete training that teaches you how to launch a successful digital product without any flaw or problem with amazing results.

If you have any questions about the product launch formula review, kindly let me know from your comment.