GoHighLevel Pricing Plans In 2024: Is It Worth The Cost?

Interested in Gohighlevel to grow your business but unsure of its cost?

This post will look at GohighLevel pricing, its features, who it is for, the pricing plans and more.

You will understand if the GohighLevel is for you and worth your investment at the end of this post.

If you’re looking for the best tool to automate your online business or marketing agency, you will understand how High Level software can help fast-track your success.

HighLevel is among the best all-in-one marketing and sales software that combines many marketing tools in one platform.

GHL tool is designed to help you generate more leads, convert leads into customers and make more sales.

So, below is the breakdown of the cost of the GoHighLevel marketing tool, with three price plans to choose from, depending on your business.

GoHighLevel Price: How Much Does The GoHighLevel Cost?


GoHighLevel offers three different plans ranging from $97 to $794 per month, depending on the GoHighLevel plans you choose.

GoHighLevel Pricing Plan and Overview

Below is what we will cover in this GohighLevel price guide.

  • The 14-Day GohighLevel Free Trial
  • Agency Starter Account $97 Per month
  • Agency Unlimited Account $297 Per month
  • White Label Mobile App + Custom Zap Upgrade $497 Additional Per Month

The 14-day free trial account is suitable for testing the software’s features to determine if it fits your business. It includes all the plans, so you don’t need to worry about losing money.

For a starter, you can get a 14-day free trial for the Agency starter account and start paying $97 per month after the trial ends.

The Unlimited agency account will cost you $297 per month after the 14-day free trial ends.

You can choose any plan since they come with a free trial, and if you want to get all the features and a complete software suite, you may want to consider the agency Unlimited account.

You can easily downgrade your account anytime if you change the plan.

Visist GoHighLevel.com pricing page to get access to the 14-day free trial.

Is It Worth The Cost?

gohighlevel features

GoHighLevel CRM provides all the marketing tools you need to grow your business without spending vast money.

With this tool, you get access to the website builder, funnel builder, CRM tool, tracking tool, email marketing tool, SMS marketing tool, survey tool and much more.

When comparing the cost of all these tools with what GoHighLevel offers, you will see that it provides its customers with a low price without compromising the quality.

When you compare GoHighLevel with other landing page builders like Clickfunnels, you will understand that GoHighLevel stands out as it focuses more on built-in and marketing automation.

GoHighLevel Features

Let’s now look at the GoHighLevel features to give you more ideas of what you will get when you subscribe to the tool.

It is a complete All-In-One Sales and marketing Platform to help marketers and Agencies Thrive in their online business.

How Should Use GoHighLevel Software

Below are businesses that can use this tool to fast-track their success and increase sales.

Agency Owners: Go High Level is a suite for agency owners looking for all-in-one tools to make their work easier. They will get all the resources and marketing tools in one place, so it saves money and time.

Sales Teams: This is great for the sales teams looking for the best CRM  and all-in-one marketing tool to increase their sales.

Local Businesses:  Both small and medium business owners are using GoHighLever to generate more leads and increase conversions and sales,  growing their customer base and expanding their online business.

The benefits of GoHighLevel also reach entrepreneurs, SaaS, marketers, coaches, consultant course creators, etc.

If your business falls into the categories, you can join the GoHighLevel free trial and see if it is perfect for your business.

GoHighLevel Free Trial

Sign up for a starter Agency 14-day free trial to see if the GoHighLevel tool fits your business.

The free trial will help you test it and check its features and ease of use to decide if you will continue to use it after the free trial expires.

It takes a few minutes to sign up, choose any plan, and fill in your basic information, company name, email address and phone number to create a GoHighLevel account.

You can choose between an Agency Starter Account or an Agency Unlimited Account. The 14 days will be enough to test the full features offered in the plan you select to know if it will help you in your business.

Always remember that after 14 days trial, if you don’t cancel your account, you want to continue with the plan you choose, and you will e charged.

Agency Starter Account At $97 per month

The Agency Starter Account is suitable for starting or just growing your business. The plan will cost you $97 per month, including all the GoHighLevel features.

The plan lets you integrate Twilio into your account through the Twilio API.

Not only that, the email marketing tool is one of the best tools to grow your business. It allows you to integrate one of the best email marketing services, Mailgun, into your GoHighLevel account through API.

It allows you to email your customers and clients without any problem.

The downside of the Agency Starter Account is that it is a single account.

With the Agency starter plan, you can only set up one client account for your agency. You must upgrade to the Agency unlimited account if you want an unlimited sub-account.

Agency Unlimited Account At $297 per month

The Agency Unlimited Account price is $297 per month. This plan consists of all the Agency Starter features and advanced features of the Agency Unlimited Account, such as unlimited sub-accounts and a branded desktop app.

The benefit of the Agency Unlimited Account plan is that it allows you to create as many sub-accounts for clients and other businesses.

This is a better option if you have an agency or want to start an agency business.

The branded app feature is another advantage of this plan over the agency starter.

You can brand it with your domain and start selling it to make more money; not only that, you can customise it the way you like and to your taste.

You will have everything to build a complete business with this plan and an entire brand you love.

The Agency Unlimited Account is for you if you want to start an Agency business. Still, the agency starter plan is better if you only want to use GoHighLevel for business.

White Label Account Plus an additional $497 per month

gohighlevel white label

You can also get the White Label account, which comes with the additional cost of $497 per month, which makes the total price $794 per month.

The white label add-on will give you more advanced features like a mobile app.

With this account, you will get a customised mobile app to help you get all your data from your mobile phone.

It also allows you to brand your business and make it unique.

Another fantastic feature of this plan is the ZAPIER setup.GoHighLevel will build a custom ZAP for your business and brand.

It allows you to sell this tool as a subscription to clients and customers and grow your business.

GoHighLevel Agency Pro SaaS Plan

Another plan you may want to consider if you decide to have your own SaaS business is the pro-SaaS plan. This is a new pricing plan, and it allows you to resell the software and generate more income.

The pro SaaS plan costs $407 per month with unlimited features. Now you can have your own software business with your brand, logo, etc

Pros and Cons

The Pros

  • Access to the 14-day free trial account
  • Integrate with some marketing tools
  • It saves you a lot of money and time
  • It has in-built email marketing, SMS marketing, and automation tools
  • White label and SaaS features

The Cons

  • Customer support is slow
  • 0nly allow SMTP, and can’t integrate with most email marketing tools.
  • Require learning curve
  • Integration with other tools is limited compared to the competitors

GoHighLevel Money Back Guarantee

After the 14-day free trial, they will charge your account, which is non-refundable.

But they may issue a refund when they change their refund policy.

GoHighLevel Pricing In 2024: Final Thoughts

Go High Level pricing details explain an all-in-one marketing platform designed for agencies, local businesses, marketers, sales teams and all entrepreneurs wanting to grow their businesses faster and fast-track their success.

If you want to generate more sales leads, increase your conversion and 10x your sales, and get more clients, sign up for your account today.

You can use the tool for 14 days for free to find out if you need it in your online business.

I like the GoHighLevel white label add-0n as it allows you to create your brand, customise your mobile app and use Zapier to automate your business.

I hope the GoHighLevel pricing plans guide helps determine if the GoHighLevel cost is worth it.

GoHighLevel Alternatives

There are many alternatives to HighLevel software if you’re unsatisfied with this tool. Either you need more features or because of the features.

Here are a few of the best alternatives to HighLevel CRM tools.

Clickfunnels 2.0

Clickfunnels 2.0 is the new version of Clickfunnels and the best alternative to the Go Highlevel software. It has many features and advanced analytics.

But the price may be a significant drawback. Clickfunnels 2.0 is more expensive compared to the Hilevel tool.

It starts from $147 to $297 per month. But you may not mind the cost if you need complete marketing and automation tools in one place.


Systeme.io is another alternative, but it may not have all the CRM features like that of the HighLevel tool. If you are looking for cheaper sales funnel software, you may want to consider Systeme.io.

The price starts from $27 per month. It has a free account to help you get started and later upgrade your account.


Hubspot is well-known when it comes to the CROM automation tool. Not only that, it claimed to be the best in the market.

You can check Hubspot if you need advanced CRM software to automate all your business.

Many other related tools are in the market, but the ones mentioned above are among the best. You can also check Samcart, one of the best software to sell your products and grow your business.

GoHighLevel FAQ

What Is GoHighLevel Software?

 GoHighLevel.com is a complete all-in-one Sales and Marketing tool designed for agencies by an agency. It helps you capture, nurture, and close leads using a single platform.

It is excellent for lead management, appointment, automation, outbound calling, reputation management, etc.

Is GoHighLevel a CRM?

GoHighLevel software is a CRM and marketing automation platform built for marketing agencies. You can create a campaign and sales funnel to generate leads and convert them into customers while tracking them using the built-in CRM.

It is the best for marketing agencies, local businesses, consultants, B2B companies, and sales funnel builders who need all marketing tools in one platform.

What are the best GoHighLevel Alternatives?

Below are the best GoHighLevel Alternatives to check and see if they fit your business.

How much does GoHighLevel cost?

The GoHighLevel price starts at $97/month for an Agency Starter Account, giving you full access to the entire platform.

The Agency Unlimited Account price is $297 per month, while the White Label account costs an extra $497 per month.

 >>Go High Level offers a 14-day free trial to test their software.

Now that you know and have read the Gohighlevel pricing reviews, what is your next step? Want to join the tool and build your business, or want an alternative?

Does GoHighLevel.com Has Good Support?

It has good support and many positive reviews from customers. There are three ways to reach their support: email, phone calls and chat.

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