Prezentar Review & Demo [2022] Plus Bonus

Prezentar review

Hey, thank you for checking my Prezentar review.

In this post, I will share an in-depth, unbiased, honest review of Prezentar.

I will explain Prezentar’s features, benefits, how it works, who it is for, the pricing, pros, cons, and bonuses.

And after reading my Prezentar review, you will clearly understand the product and determine if it will fit your business.

In addition, if you decide to buy the Prezentar software during this review, don’t forget to claim my bonus to help you in your business.

If you’ve ever created webinars, YouTube videos, video sales letters (VSLs), or even free content for your audience. In that case, you know how time-consuming and costly the process can be.

Prezentar appears to have identified a market gap: in a world of complicated design tools that require monthly fees.

It lets you tweak an existing template quickly and hit publish to create modern presentations in minutes, not hours or days.

Prefer Video to Text? Watch Prezentar Review and DEMO Video

What is Prezentar?

Prezentar review

Prezentar is an all-in-one software that creates Amazing Presentations In Minutes. The tool is perfect for creating stunning presentations, slides, tutorials, courses, webinars, videos and ebooks in a flash. It includes well-designed templates & advanced features.

It has a built-in voice recording and a built-in music studio with nothing to download.

What interests me about Prezentar?

To appreciate Prezentar’s worth, consider the issue with other video tools.

Most are expensive (many software companies are shifting to a monthly or yearly subscription model, which can cost thousands of dollars for a tool that should cost less than $100).

Even standard tools like PowerPoint require a lot of practice before you can create genuinely attention-grabbing, professional-level presentations that people will watch all the way through.

And if you use a PowerPoint template to save time, you’re left with some pretty outdated, cheesy-looking slides to work with.

Other video and presentation creation tools are excellent but somewhat gimmicky. Doodle animation tools can sometimes be helpful, but they are not suitable for every situation, like creating a course or tutorial video.

Then there are tools like Prezi that create spinning, swirling, and more animated presentations, but you can’t compare them with the Prezentar for easy use.

While there are numerous “easy video tools” available, most of them are one-trick ponies.

They do one thing exceptionally well, but if you need to quickly edit your video, create a more instructional video, or have control over the style of your video, you’re out of luck.

That’s why I like presentation tools — they allow you to create anything from:

  • VSLs
  •  Video courses
  • Simple animated videos
  •  Kinetic text videos
  • Product demos
  • And more.

Your imagination only limits you.

However, the problem with traditional tools for creating presentations, such as PowerPoint, is that they are expensive and tiring and dated.

Presentar is a new tool that makes it easier and less expensive to create and design MODERN presentations within minutes, not hours.

It is cloud-based software to quickly and easily create modern, niche presentations without steep learning curves, additional plugins, or crazy design skills.

Because it is template-driven, the hard work is already done for you.

You just login into the dashboard, pick a template, tweak it, and then share it with the world.

In addition, you can also convert it to a VIDEO or export it as PDF or HTML, depending on your choice.

Who is the Creator of Prezentar?

Adeel Chowdhry, a multi-million dollar marketing techpreneur, created Prezentar. Adeel Chowdhry has ten years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers.

He understands what marketers need to thrive in today’s competitive market. He is the platinum creator of best-selling apps like Sqribble, Pixel Studio FX, etc.

Prezentar fills a considerable market gap by assisting busy, budget-conscious marketers in increasing traffic and sales—getting presentations for their tutorials, webinars, courses, VSLs, and YouTube videos all in minutes.

How Prezentar works

What struck me about Prezentar is how simple, easy, and quick the process of creating a great-looking presentation is. This is unquestionably Prezentar’s main selling point (along with the fact that there are no monthly or annual fees, whoop!).

It works in 3 steps

Step 1

Log in to begin creating a presentation.

Step 2

Choose a niche template.

Step 3

Drag and drop, point and click, and add your content to customize it.

Use their extensive stock library to insert professional images, animations, graphics, and icons (no additional fees).

With a single click, you can add your voice-over and music.

To prevent content theft, add branding or watermarks.

Then, to build your list, press the publish button to convert it into a presentation, video, or even a PDF report!

So far, so good, but Prezentar, like any other piece of software, is not without flaws.

If you’re a highly-skilled professional designer working for a Fortune 500 company, you might need something a little more advanced.

However, if you’re an experienced designer, you’ll use tools like Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop anyway.

What do you get when you join Prezentar?

There is much stuff to make it fast and easy to create awesome presentations, including:

  •  50 amazing customizable templates
  •  Custom branding to add your logo
  •  Drag and drop editor
  • 500+ Google fonts
  •  50+ Text & Image effects
  • 8000+ Stock images
  •  250+ HD Slide backgrounds
  •  Interactive Animations
  •  Audio & Music Studio
  •  Online web stock search
  •  Upload your images
  • Save projects in the cloud
  •  Image crop tool
  •  Social media sharing
  •  Share publicly via URL
  •  The built-in audio recorder, editor and music studio
  •  Export to PDF, HTML and Video
  •  Commercial License
  •  Agency website

What Does The Prezentar use for?

You can use Prezentar for the following:

Video courses (Udemy, etc.)




 Content Videos

 Video Sales Letters (VSL’s)

 YouTube videos

 Facebook videos

 Landing page videos

Seminars and events


Prezentar Pros and Cons

The Pros

  • Quick and simple
  •  No creative skills required
  •  No learning curve
  •  Very affordable

The incredible

  • No monthly or annual fees
  • Beautiful templates
  •  Thousands of dollars in stock images pre-installed
  •  All-in-one solution (you won’t need anything else)

The Cons

 There are numerous upsells, but they are all optional.

How much does Prezentar cost?

Prezentar is currently available for $47 (during the launch period) and will soon increase to $197.As you can see, it is a low-cost tool but performs excellently.

The tests indicate that the tool provides outstanding results due to its advanced features compared to other related software.

If you’re looking for a better slide presentation tool with effortless design and not just hyper-programs that make false claims, you can try the Prezentar presentation software.

Is Prezentar worth the money?

I’ve been using PowerPoint for a few years, and after a bit of practice, I can make “amazing” presentations with it.

Unlike most tools that take a long time to learn, aren’t designed for marketers, and cost hundreds of dollars to renew your license each year.

And there’s a more significant issue at hand.

Many presentation tools are beginning to show their age.

It’s easy to spot a cheesy Prezi presentation or yet another PowerPoint template; whether it’s Prezi or PowerPoint, I believe it deters many buyers and visitors.

Worse, you’ll waste days creating a presentation that will put people to sleep.

I like Prezentar because you can use its ready-made templates, simple controls, and massively built-in media library to create modern, engaging, unique, and persuasive presentations in minutes.

Not only creates impressive presentations, but it also converts them into VIDEOS, PDFs, and HTML.

 So you don’t need multiple tools or extra money because it does it a

Prezentar Review: Overall verdict

We are at the end of the Prezentar review, and it is time to decide if it is worth it.

Prezentar is the most user-friendly and powerful presentation software on the market.

You can’t go wrong with Prezentar if you’re a busy person on a budget who needs to get stunning presentations pumped out quickly for yourself or your clients without spending a fortune on stock images or monthly fees.

Thanks to the modern, engaging, built-in niche templates and the expansive media library and simple point and click technology, it has never been easy to design awesome presentations in minutes.

Webinars, videos, and presentations are becoming increasingly popular and effective for attracting clicks, leads, and buyers.

Prezentar will be a valuable tool to help you in your business.

We highly recommend it.

And before we recommend any product to our readers, we search far to find every expert’s opinion and any claims about the product.

And once we have performed in-depth research, we review the product and share it.

In this Prezentar review, we use its features and ease of use to measure the quality of the tool.

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