7 Best Screenwriting Software [2023] Review

 Best Screenwriting Software 2023

If you’re a screenwriter, you know that writing scripts can be complicated. You need the best tools to help make the process easier and more efficient.

This blog post will review the best screenwriting software. We will look at features, pros, cons and pricing to choose the right screenwriting software for you.

So without further ado, let’s get started!

What Are The Best Screenwriting Software Tools

Here is the list of the best screenwriting software

1. Arc Studio Pro

Best Screenwriting Software

Arc Studio Pro is the best tool to outline, write, and edit screenplays and television scripts. It is built for solo writers, large writing staff, and more.

What makes the arc studio pro stand out is that it formats your script automatically to meet the Hollywood industry standard

Arc Studio Pro software is a powerful screenwriting tool that helps you write better scripts faster. It has a sleek interface and features a variety of helpful tools, such as an industry-standard script format checker, a beat board for plotting your story, and integrated collaboration tools.

You can also use Arc Studio Pro to create ebooks and comics.

Top Features

  • Screenwriting software with a sleek interface
  • It has various helpful tools, such as an industry-standard script format checker.
  • Beat board for plotting your story.
  • Seamlessly transition from the final draft.
  • Tools for storytellers
  • It can create ebooks and comics.


Arc Studio Pro has three payment plans.

  • Free: It allows you to use the tool free but with limited features
  • Essentials: Essentials cost $69 per year
  • Pro: Pro: costs $99 per year.


  • Sleek interface
  • Variety of helpful tools
  • You can use it to create ebooks and comics
  •  Free trial available


Some features only available in the paid version

 Arc Studio is among the popular screenwriting software tool for any screenwriter. The right software can make your job easier, whether you’re starting or a seasoned pro.

Looking for a movie magic screenwriter? Try the Arc Studio software today, and you will never be disappointed.

2. Final Draft

Best Screenwriting tool

Do you want to write a screenplay that sells?

 Then you need a Final Draft. It’s the number one choice of professional screenwriters and filmmakers because it helps them write creative and accurate scripts.

With Final Draft, you can focus on writing your best screenplay without worrying about formatting. It takes care of all the details for you to stay focused on the essential story.

Get started with Final Draft today and see how easy it is to write a screenplay that sells.

Top Features.

  • automatic formatting
  • industry-standard
  •  screenplay template


  • It helps you write creative and accurate scripts.
  • Automatically formats your screenplay so you can focus on the story.
  • A professional screenwriters tool


It can be expensive for some users.


The Final Draft has a free trial that helps you test the software and decide if it is for you or not.

 Apart from the free trial, Final Draft has three different pricing options depending on your needs.

  • The Final Draft: This plan costs $199.99.
  • The Upgrade to 12 plan costs $79.99,
  • The teacher/Student plan costs $99.99.

 Final Draft is the top Screenwriting Software for professionals. It is industry-standard software that professional screenwriters use. While it can be expensive, it has a wide range of features that make it worth the price.

3. Celtx

Want to write a movie but don’t know where to start?

Celtx is the world’s first and only complete, cloud-based production platform for writers. It makes it easy for you to write your script, collaborate with others, and get organized so your great idea can become a reality.

Writers designed THE Celtx software for writers. Everything you need is in one place – from outlining and drafting to scheduling and budgeting.

You’ll not worry about losing your work because Celtx automatically saves every change you make. And our community of filmmakers and industry professionals are always available to help when you need them.

 Start a free trial and see how Celtx is easy to write your screenplay!

Top Features.

  •  Screenwriting software with a comprehensive set of features for writing, editing, and collaborating on screenplays
  • Industry-standard formatting for Screenplays, AV Scripts, Stage Plays, Comics & Graphic Novels, and more
  •  Intuitive interface for easy navigation and collaboration
  • Automatic saving and versioning of scripts
  • Cloud-based sync across devices for real-time collaboration
  •  Free trial with no credit card required!


Celtx has three paid plans:

  • The writer cost $13.49
  • Writer Pro costs $22.49
  • Teams cost $53.99, billed yearly

Celtx is an excellent Screenwriting software for those looking for an industry-standard tool with comprehensive features. The software is simple to use and has a free trial with no credit card required!

Celtx is the perfect place to start. They provide all you need to write and produce your movie. Most industry professionals all over the world love Celtx.

The software is easy-to-use and makes writing a script simple. You’ll never have to worry about formatting again. Just focus on telling your story and let Celtx take care of the rest.


Are you a screenwriter, TV writer, or movie buff?

WriterDuet is the software for over 1 million screenwriters, TV shows, and blockbusters. It’s the perfect tool for anyone who wants to write better stories and collaborate with other writers.

 You can write your screenplay in minutes with our fast and easy-to-use software. Plus, you can export it as a PDF or Word document to share it with others. And if you need help getting started, They provide tutorials and resources on their website.

Sign up for a free trial today!

WriterDuet features.

  • Screenwriting software for movies, TV, and more
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Export to PDF or Word document
  • Tons of tutorials and resources available online

WriterDuet is the perfect tool for anyone who wants to write better stories and collaborate with other writers.

Are you tired of software that’s hard to use and makes your writing process more complicated?

 WriterDuet was created by two professional screenwriters who were tired of the same problems with other software.

The WriterDet team wanted an easy tool to learn, making their writing process more efficient. So they built it, and now they’re excited to share it with you.

WriterDuet is the only scriptwriting software that lets you work on your scripts with others in real-time. You can write simultaneously, comment on each other’s work, and make changes together.

Plus, all your scripts are automatically backed up online, so you never have to worry about losing them again.

Sign up for a free trial of WriterDuet today!

WriterDuet Pricing

WriterDuet has three payment plans.

  • Free plan
  • Plus plan costs $9.99 per month
  • Pro plan costs 11.99 per month
  • Premium cost 13.99 per month

WriterDet is the perfect screenwriting software for TV writers or movies who want to get the job done on time without spending vast amounts of money on freelancing or editing content.

5. Trelby

Are you looking for a free, feature-rich screenwriting program? Look no further than Trelby!

Trelby is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms, so it’s perfect for any writer.

 It has all the features to write your screenplay, from basic formatting to outlining and scene management.

You can export your finished screenplay in PDF or Final Draft format so it’s ready to send to agents or producers.

 Download Trelby today and start writing your masterpiece!

Screenwriting software for Windows, Mac, and Linux

Basic formatting to outlining and scene management

 Export in PDF or Final Draft format

 Online tutorials and support forums are available.


  • Free and open source
  • Have all the features needed to write a great screenplay
  • Available on multiple platforms

Trelby is a free and open-source screenwriting program with all the features you need to write a great screenplay. It’s available on Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms, so it’s perfect for any writer.

So what are you waiting for? Download Trelby today!

If you need advanced novel writing software, then you can go wrong with Trelby.

6. Scrivener

Scrivener is a screenwriting tool for long-form writing projects such as novels, Screenplays, and scripts.

It’s available on Windows, macOS, and iOS platforms.

The corkboard feature allows you to organize your thoughts using virtual index cards.

You can also easily switch between different view modes (e.g., outline mode, corkboard mode, etc.) to help you brainstorm or organize your thoughts.

Scrivener also has a built-in research tool that lets you quickly look up information on the internet without leaving the program.

It has two Pricing plans.

The standard licence costs $49, while the educational license costs $41.65.


  • Ideal for long-form writing projects
  •  Available on multiple platforms
  • The corkboard feature helps brainstorm and organize thoughts
  • A built-in research tool saves time


A few users find the interface to be confusing.

 Screenwriting software is a crucial part of any screenwriter’s toolkit. Whether you’re just starting or writing for years, having the right software can make all the difference in your productivity and creativity.

7. Fade In

Do you want to write better screenplays?

Writers created Fade In Professional Screenwriting Software for writers.

 It’s the most advanced software used by professionals writing for motion pictures, television, video games, the stage, radio and more.

With features like outlining, scene management tools, and powerful reporting capabilities, Fade In makes it easy to keep track of your work and focus on what’s important – writing great stories.

Buy Fade In Professional Screenwriting Software today!

Top Features

  • Outlining
  • Scene management tools
  •  Powerful reporting capabilities
  • Formatting options for screenplay, teleplay, stageplay etc
  • Cross-platform support (Mac, Windows, Linux)

Script notes


Fade In has only a one-time payment that costs $79.95

Fade-In Screenwriting is one of the best Screenwriting software in the market. It is feature-rich and has a clean and user-friendly interface.

If you are looking for a Screenwriting tool to help you write great stories, then Fade In Screenwriting Software is the right tool.

And if you’re a magic screenwriter, you can increase your writing speed when you get the writing software with all the features you need.


What is Screenwriting Software?

 Screenwriting software is a tool that helps Screenwriters write their screenplay, teleplay, or stageplay.

What are the features of Screenwriting Software?

 Screenwriting Software typically has script notes, character profiles, and storyboards. Some Screenwriting Software also has collaboration features so you can work with other writers on your project.

How much does Screenwriting Software cost?

Screenwriting Software can cost anywhere from $0 to $200. Some of the more popular paid Screenwriting Tools to include Final Draft and WriterDuet. There are some free Screenwriting Tools available such as Trelby and Celtx.

What is the best Screenwriting Software?

The best Screenwriting software is the one that fits your needs the best. If you are looking for a free Screenwriting Tool, Trelby and Celtx are both great options.

 If you are looking for a paid Screenwriting Tool, Final Draft and WriterDuet are both excellent choices.

Best screenwriting software for beginners

The best screenwriting software for beginners is Celtx and Trelby. These two Screenwriting Tools are free to use and have a lot of great features for beginners.

Celtx has a built-in storyboard feature that is great for visual learners. Trelby has a simple, user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate.

Most of these tools have a free version and some free screenwriting software to help you in your journey.

Best screenwriting software for professionals

The best Screenwriting software for professionals is Arc Studio Pro and Final Draft. Final Draft is the industry standard Screenwriting Tool used by professional Screenwriters for decades.

 Final Draft has all the features you need to write a great screenplay, including templates, outlining, collaboration tools and more.

And if you need novel writing software, you can check this post to learn about the best AI story generator tools for fiction writers.

There are also a few screenwriting software options you can find online that are worth trying, but the above we mentioned are simply the best among the dedicated screenwriting software in the market.

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