6 Best AI Video Upscaling Software [2023] Free And Paid

Best AI Video Upscaling Software

Looking for the best AI video upscaling software, but you don’t know what tool is best?

Whether you’re a YouTuber or filmmaker or want to create well-looking videos, AI video upscaling software will help you create high-quality videos of your choice.

Most of the AI video upscaling software listed here can take your videos from 4k to 8k resolution without losing the quality.

This blog post will review the best AI video upscaling software based on the features, pros, cons, user case and pricing.

What Are The Best AI Video Upscaling Software

Here is my ranked and reviewed of the best AI video upscaling software.

1. Topaz Video Enhance AI.

Topaz Video Enhance AI is a powerful and easy-to-use video upscaling software that can take your old, low-resolution videos and turn them into high-quality works of art.

This software uses Artificial Intelligence to guess what the missing details in your video might look like, and then it fills in those details accordingly. The results are impressive.

You don’t need to be a video editing expert to use Topaz Video Enhance AI. Select your input video, choose your desired output resolution, and let the software do its magic.

Top Features

Topaz Video Enhance AI has various features that make it among the best AI video upscaling software.

 It supports various input video formats, including AVI, MP4, MOV, and MKV.

 It also supports output resolutions up to 8K (7680×4320), so you can turn your old 720p videos into stunning 4K or even 8K masterpieces.


Topaz Video Enhance AI pricing is very reasonable, especially considering the quality of the results. You can buy the software for a one-time fee of $199.

Bottom Line

Video quality is vital for a variety of reasons. If you produce videos, it’s essential to have high-quality software to ensure that your visuals are clear and crisp.

Topaz Video Enhance AI is excellent video upscaling software that can help you improve the quality of your videos without breaking the bank.

It’s easy to use and produces results, so if you’re looking for a way to enhance your video content, Topaz Video AI is a tool you should check out.

2. Pixop

Pixop is a video upscaling software that uses Artificial Intelligence to improve the quality of your videos.

The results are impressive, and Pixop is extremely easy to use. Select your input video, choose your desired output resolution, and let the software do its magic.

Pixop Pricing

Pixop has no processing fees, you only pay for what you use in processing, and the price is per gigapixel.

 Pixop Features

The ability to upscale videos to 4K or even 8K resolution

A wide range of input video formats is supported, including AVI, MP4, MOV, and MKV

Support for output resolutions up to 8K (7680×4320)

An easy-to-use interface that makes

Bottom line

Suppose you’re a YouTuber, filmmaker, video editor, or post-producer. In that case, Pixop offers a quick, simple, and inexpensive and provides the quality and resolution of your work without investing in an expensive setup.

Pixop AI upscaling software is best suited for people who have smaller archives. You only need a browser and an internet connection to start with Pixop AI video enhancer software.

3. AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI

AVCLabs Video Enhancer uses super-resolution to upscale videos to 4K, or up to 8K. Its multi-frame convolutional neural network enhances quality video, removes motion artefacts, and stabilises video shakes.

 The AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI also remove overlay noise and produce natural results.

This software is an excellent option for those who want the best video quality without investing in new hardware.

Top Features

  • It is a photo enhancer ai
  • It is a Video enhancer ai
  • Ai video background removal
  • It is an upscaler and denoiser ai
  • It produces super-resolution videos and images
  • It is built with multi-frame enhancement.

The AVClab uses an AI to increase the resolution of images up to 4x and create new pixels of image information.

It is also an AI face retouching software that uses AI to recognise facial and improve both portraits and selfies.

AVClab software also turns a black-and-white photo into colour, meaning it is an AI picture coloriser.


It has three plan options.

  • It costs $39.9 per month
  • $119.9 per year
  • And lifetime cost is $299.90

Bottom Line

For those who need a video and photo upscaler and Enhancer, then look no further, AVClab AI software is simply the best in the market.

4. GDFLab Video Enhancer AI

GDFLab provides a cloud-based image and video upscaler. GDFLab’s upscaling technology is based on AI, which makes it much faster and more accurate than other software. Users can scale their images and videos to any size they want without losing quality.

 GDFLab Features

Scale images and videos to any size without losing quality

Based on AI for fast and accurate results

Image upscale up to 4 times better and high-quality image resolution

AI denoise and detection


  • There are three pricing plans for the GDFLab video enhancer Al:
  • One month costs $59.99
  • One year costs $79.99
  • Lifetime Access costs $99.99

Bottom Line

GDFLab video enhancer Al is a video software that can improve the resolution and quality of your videos by up to 4x. This tool can convert low-definition videos into FHD or even 4K UHD. If you need to improve the quality of your videos, GDFlab is worth checking out.

5. DVDFab Video Enhancer AI

DVDFab’s Video Enhancer AI can detect and enhance low-quality videos or those initially made with poor image quality. It uses neural networks to train its model to work better on different media types.

You’ll enjoy watching your favourite movies in higher resolution when played back DVDFab’s Video Enhancer AI because the enhancements are automatic – no need for manual tweaking like before!


  • Upscale video to 4K resolution using AI Enhancement Technology.
  • The built-in video editor offers a variety of editing options.
  • Use AI to improve video quality and enlarge low-resolution videos.
  • Improving the quality of old videos
  • Upscaling low-resolution videos to 4K
  • Improved image quality
  • Neural networks for training
  • Processing is entirely automated.
  • Lossless Video Size Compression for Any Mobile Device


The DVDFab Video Enhancer AI costs $59.9 one-time payment, plus 30-day money-back guarantee.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for the best Enhancer AI tool to upscale your videos to 4K, look no further than DVDFab! With its AI Enhancement Technology, DVDFab can upscale your videos with incredible accuracy, giving you a crystal clear 4K picture that will make all your friends and family say, “wow!”

Instantly get an enhanced viewing experience on your 4K TV or computer monitor with DVDFab’s All-In-One.

This program will upscale videos from 1080p to 3840 x 2160 resolutions, making them suitable for use in computers and media players that support higher resolutions, such as those found on newer television sets.

Mentioning this ability demonstrates how it can generate accurate images that allow users to see every detail clearly when playing back footage, regardless of whether they are indoors during bright lighting conditions or outdoors under low light settings.


iSize Video Upscaling Software  AI is a deep learning tool for video delivery and the first AI tool that powers precoding prior encoding.

iSize provides a quality experience to the end users and enables studio streaming in resolutions up to 4k and 8k.

iSize Features

  • It produces superior
  • Bitrate saving
  • Quality boost
  • Codec independent
  • Machine learning
  • Energy efficiency
  • Content independent


The iSize pricing depends on hours, starting from $5 per hour.

Bottom Line

iSize Video Upscaling Software is great if you’re looking for Al that powers precoding before encoding any video with deep learning video delivery.

iSize video processing delivers up to a 50% reduction in the cost of streaming any open-source or encoders for live, social media, VoD, gaming, virtual interaction and IoT.

AI Video Upscaling Software: Roun Up

We have looked at some AI Video Upscaling Software that can fit your business.

Some are free, while some are paid. If you want the best AI Video Upscaling Software, you need to invest little money to get faster results.

Thanks to advancements in video upscaling AI software, it makes it possible to watch our favourite videos in resolutions that we never thought possible—and the best part is that this technology is only getting better.

If you want to improve your viewing experience, then consider using one of these upscaling AI tools.

What is AI Video Upscaling Software?

 AI Video Upscaling Software is a tool that uses artificial intelligence algorithms to improve the resolution of a video. This is done by using super-resolution to add more pixels to the video or by using motion estimation to remove artefacts caused by movement.

How Video Upscaling AI is Changing the Way We Watch Videos

In the past, if you wanted to watch a video in 4K or even 8K resolution, you had to find a video filmed or created in that resolution.

Thanks to advancements in video upscaling AI software, it’s possible to take a lower-resolution video and increase its resolution while maintaining image quality.

This means that we can now watch our favourite videos in resolutions we never thought possible—and the best part is that this technology will only get better as time goes on.

What is Video Upscaling AI?

Regarding video upscaling AI, the goal is to take a lower-resolution video and use artificial intelligence to increase its resolution while maintaining image quality.

How Does Video Upscaling AI Work?

There are different methods for video upscaling AI.

The most common method is called super-resolution, which involves using deep learning algorithms to learn the mapping between low and high-resolution images.

Once this mapping has been learned, the algorithm can then be used to generate a high-resolution version of a given low-resolution image.

 Another standard method for video upscaling AI is called top-down processing. This involves taking a low-resolution image and breaking it down into smaller pieces before rebuilding it at a higher resolution.

This approach often results in better image quality than super-resolution but can also be more computationally intensive.

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