GoHighLevel Review 2024:Details And Pricing

Welcome to the GoHighLevel review

It is an automated CRM tool for marketers and agencies.

Who says managing a business is easy? Take a moment to reflect on most of the goals successful business aims to accomplish.

● Acquiring customers

● Client retention

● Closing sales

To accomplish your business goals, you need several resources. As a result, most businesses invest significant sums of money in different software to achieve their business objectives.

Looking for an honest review of GoHighLevel?

You’re in the right place. We will look at what makes the GoHighLevel software better than most competitors.

There is now a better way to handle your clients and business. This is where GoHighLevel comes in. It is an all-in-one marketing platform that provides you with the resources, support, and tools you need to run a successful business.

Given the number of applications inside the GoHighLevel.com, using the software is less expensive than purchasing each third-party tool separately.

GoHighLevel has helped over 500 000 businesses and companies and generated over 5 billion conversions. Now is the ideal time to advance your business without sacrificing output.

However, this post focuses on helping you understand the GoHighLevel service, including the pricing, features, and every other detail.

What is GoHighlevel?


GoHighLevel tool is an all-inclusive CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform that provides all essential marketing applications on one platform.

GoHighLevel integrates all of the essential software an agency needs to flourish. This implies that when you subscribe to GoHighLevel, you can access resources such as email marketing software, forms, a website builder, call tracking, and other services.

The tool combines these marketing and sales features into a single, easy-to-use platform instead of various services. It streamlines your workflow, allowing you to concentrate on meeting your client’s needs.

The CRM tool can help marketers, agencies, sales teams, sales professionals, entrepreneurs, and local businesses seeking marketing and sales solutions.

It is a comprehensive online marketing platform for those wishing to sustain and expand their businesses.

GoHighLevel Company’s Information

gohighlevel reviews

People are often confused about the name of this software. Some refer to it as “GoHighlevel,” while others refer to it as “HighLevel.” Both terms refer to this tool. The distinction is in the domain name, “GoHighLevel,” and the software name, “High Level.”

The company name is HighLevel, and the domain is GoHighLevel. Nonetheless, people can use the names interchangeably. Shaun Clark, the founder, couldn’t get the domain name “HighLevel,” so he added “Go” to make it GoHighLevel.

Shaun Clark founded Go HighLevel in 2018 to assist small businesses and agencies automate and scale their business.

The purpose is to help business owners find customers, nurture more sales leads, retain current customers, and grow their businesses through intelligent marketing technologies.

Who Can Use GoHighLevel?

GoHighLevel is ideal for agencies, online course creators, funnel builders, affiliate marketers, realtors, and marketers that want to unify their marketing resources in a single platform.

It also benefits companies who want to grow their business while saving money.

In addition, there are also many ways to use GHL for your business.

  • You can white-label it and sell it as your own
  • With the agency plan, you can create unlimited accounts for your clients
  • Automat the entire business, so you only need to pay attention to other things.

Let’s look at some benefits any business using Go HighLevel will enjoy.

The Benefits of Using GoHighLevel

Businesses can use Go HighLevel for the following. 

● Automated business management in lead nurturing, capturing, and retention.

● Workflow and pipeline management

● Addition revenue in terms of white label

● Link building

● Scalable CRM for agencies and their clients.

● Reputation management 

● Building out funnels.

● Call tracking, revenue tracking, and lead tracking.

● Funnel Building

Email Marketing

● SMS Marketing

● Membership Website

● Pipeline Management

● Calendar Booking

● Survey Builder, and lots more.

GoHighLevel Features

GoHighLevel is a feature-rich platform that includes all the software required for a business to run smoothly.

These features distinguish GoHighLevel as the leading marketing solution in the SaaS (Software as a Service) niche.

Let’s look at the most notable features.

Marketing Automation

Gohighlevel website

GoHighLevel marketing automation features multiple options, including email automation, social media automation, and tracking landing page performance.

The automation feature enables you to create and manage campaigns, send emails, and evaluate progress at each stage.

You can increase your sales with GoHighLevel Marketing Automation by collecting data on the entire customer experience towards a purchase in a structured manner.

SMS and chat capabilities are a part of marketing automation. This option permits the creation of various text templates.

The SMS option also includes a smart list that you can use to specifically target groups, send out personalized texts, and even conduct two-way text conversations directly from your dashboard.

Two-way communication lets you communicate with your leads across all devices.

You can also personalize your campaigns to automate interactive follow-ups and capture responses from your prospects.

This marketing functionality allows organizations to automate the nurturing of leads to convert them into customers.

Automated Appointment and Booking

The Go high-level appointment tool has all the standard features of a typical calendar, just like when calendars are used to record business appointments manually.

Customers can click around on calendars you create and share to view your appointments and the most current availability.

Making your calendar and embedding it in your funnels are simple from the Settings dashboard.

Membership Sites

The membership sites can facilitate the distribution of premium or complimentary content to clients. This could be used by course creators, for instance, to offer premium courses to paying customers. It permits businesses to manage who has access to their content.

The GHL is highly configurable and easy to navigate. You can incorporate your domain into your membership website.

You can modify your course outline and other content using a visual editor. You can integrate membership sites with your main website, sales funnels, and marketing tools, which is an incredible feature.

Funnel and Landing Pages Builder

The software enables businesses to build websites, funnels, and landing pages to generate leads, receive payments, and more. You can create an essential website with the same builder and add navigation. 

Additionally, you can create multiple funnels and send traffic directly to them from the dashboard.

CRM and Pipeline Management

GoHighLevel software provides the most helpful business solution for efficiently managing businesses.

The platform makes it simple to communicate with more prospects with less effort, follow up with leads, and manage nurturing campaigns.

In addition, the platform’s designs are responsive and mobile-friendly. This enables lead tracking from any device.

Typically, the HighLevel pipeline provides data insights for improved decision-making. This enables sales representatives to see the real-time results of their efforts.

SMS Marketing

The SMS Marketing tool lets businesses send text messages directly to customers’ mobile devices. The message may serve any purpose, such as marketing, promotional content, or customer support.

Similar to WhatsApp, the SMS user interface is intuitive. You can respond to messages and view delivery reports from your account’s dashboard.

Reputation Management

Tracking customer feedback is one of the complexities businesses find challenging to manage. GoHighLevel solves this with its reputation management feature.

This feature allows you to safeguard your company’s reputation by collecting customer feedback and reviews.

It enables you to send a “Review request” to your customers, requesting that they post reviews of your service. Additionally, you can track and manage your online reviews.

Email Marketing

HighLevel Email marketing enables you to develop and send clients personalized emails and automation. It is easy to create automation when using drag-and-drop technology.

Using HighLevel’s tools, you can easily track the status of your email. The campaign enables you to create and schedule multiple email marketing campaigns for your marketing strategies.. 


The integration feature enables you to use multiple tools concurrently to enhance the effectiveness of your marketing strategies.

For example, combining the calendar and funnel features can improve customer interactions.

GoHighLevel also supports the integration of other external marketing tools. You can integrate GoHighLevel with WordPress, Mailchimp, Calendar, ClickFunnels, WIX, Jotform, Leadpages, and Pipedrive.

The integration enables the management of multiple marketing software platforms from a single interface.

Mobile App

GoHighLevel features a mobile application that enables marketers to manage their businesses while on the go. You can always maintain lead engagement to increase sales.

The HighLevel marketing tool surpasses its competitors with its mobile application. The mobile app is a tremendous advantage for sales teams, providing on-the-go access to all marketing activities.

GoHighLevel Pricing: Is it worth the cost?


GoHighLevel provides three pricing options, enabling marketers to make informed decisions. Below are the GoHighLevel pricing plans to know the costs and which plan is affordable for your business

Agency Starter Account

The monthly fee for the agency starter account is $97. The features include Twilio, Mailgun, and the creation of a single account for your company.

Twilio provides the GoHighLevel API for two-way texting, whereas Mailgun permits unlimited message sending.

An agency starter plan is an excellent option for new or small businesses.

Agency Unlimited Account

The monthly fee for the unlimited agency account is $297. This plan offers the same basic features as the starter plan, including an unlimited number of sub-accounts and a desktop application with your company’s branding.

You can create multiple accounts for your clients and businesses.

The Agency Unlimited account is an excellent choice for businesses of any size. It enables you to create a unique, personalized customer experience.

Similarly, the branded desktop application permits you to use your domain to customize the platform to your liking.

White Label Mobile App with Custom Zap Upgrade

gohighlevel white label

The white-label mobile app is an optional add-on to the Agency Unlimited plan. The monthly cost of this additional plan is $497.

The functionalities include customizations, such as mobile apps and custom Zapier for your business. The essence of this additional feature is to customize your marketing style uniquely.

To get access to this plan, your account requires upgrading to an agency unlimited. The plan allows you to sell GoHighlevel as an agency and make more money.

You can now have your own company with your logo and brand and professionally grow your agency business. It makes your brand more recognizable and noticeable.

GoHighLevel Agency Pro SaaS Plan at $497 per month

gohighlevel agency

This is an excellent opportunity to sell GoHighlevel as a SaaS to create more stream of income.

The Pro SaaS plan allows you to resell the software at your price. You only need the pro-high-level account to get access to this feature.

GoHighLevel Review: Pros and Cons

Let’s now look at some of the benefits and drawbacks of this tool. Knowing GoHighLevel Pros and cons is essential before you take action.

The pros are listed below.

● 14-day free trial

● Excellent customer support

● Time-saving business solution

● Cost-effectiveness

● Mobile app to manage customers anywhere

● White label option for business branding

● Great integration and automation


While GoHighLevel is a great business solution for marketers and agencies, most of its customer’s reviews were positive. And it is difficult to find cons about the GHL as they deliver everything they promise.

Here are a few things we can say about the cons of using GoHighLevel software.

Steep learning curve: You may need to learn how to use the tool, but thanks to the team, they provided many tutorials to help you understand how to use the Go High-Level tool.

The cost: If you can afford $97 per month, this tool is not for you. And if you’re starting, it may be challenging.

GoHighLevel Alternatives

As good as GoHighLevel’s features are, comparable applications are available on the market. Considering their functionalities, a few of them can serve as alternatives to GoHighLevel.

In addition, your preference for one of these CRM tools may be influenced by the price gap or the desired use. Here are some possible alternatives you may wish to consider.

ClickFunnels: ClickFunnels is designed especially for developing sales funnels and membership websites. This is one of the features provided by GoHighLevel, but with additional options.

GoHighLevel is designed for agencies and marketers who want to manage their businesses on a single platform, whereas ClickFunnels is for marketers who want to create a sales funnel.

GetResponse: Getresponse is software for providing chat and email support. It allows you to create and send text messages without receiving replies.

GHL, on the other hand, allows users to send and respond to text messages, emails, Facebook Messages, Instagram Direct Messages, Google Chats, and WhatsApp.

Hubspot: Hubspot is an effective sales and CRM platform for startups. Hubspot has excellent features and offers free version services that a business can use to get started.

In this situation, you may prefer Hubspot over GoHighLevel, which only provides a 14-day free trial.

Katra: Kartra merges your sales and marketing specifications with an intuitive funnel builder, landing page creator, and lead generation tools.

Katra is superior to Go HighLevel because it integrates with email marketing software but provides fewer customization options. 

GoHighLevel Review 2024: Conclusion

GoHighLevel simplifies agencies’ lives by combining multiple relevant marketing tools into a single platform.

GoHighLevel.com platform can assist you in growing your business, managing your brand’s reputation, increasing leads and sales, and tracking your social media efforts.

Many companies and business owners have been using the GHL to grow and scale up their and their client’s businesses.

People love the GHL, which helps many marketing agencies cut expenses with other tools integrated with the GoHigh-Level software.

If you’re still sceptical about HighLevel’s effectiveness, you can quickly sign up for a 14-day free trial to test-run the service before making a financial commitment.

You can join the winning team and benefit from automated marketing processes. GoHighLevel creates the agency engine on your behalf while you handle other business needs.

Go to GoHighLevel website and sign up for 14-day free trial.Within this period, you will see all the features and decide if the CRM software fits your business.


How much does GoHighLevel cost?

The GoHighlevel starter package starts at $97/month and gives you full access to all the features on the platform.GHL offers a 14-day free trial to see if the software fits your business.

How much is GoHighLevel monthly?

GoHighLevel comes with three pricing plans. The starter GoHighLevel pricing plan costs $97/month.

In contrast,, the most popular GoHighLevel plan is Unlimited agency, which costs $297/month, and the GoHighLevel White Label Mobile App + Custom Zap Upgrade costs $497/month.

What is Gohighlevel?

GoHighLevel is an all-in-one cloud-based CRM software that integrates all useful sales and marketing tools in a single platform. Thi marketing platform provides all you need to grow your customer base.

Is Go HighLevel a CRM?

GoHighLevel is a CRM and marketing automation platform designed for marketing agencies, marketers, freelancers and entrepreneurs to grow and scale up their businesses.

What is GoHighLevel used for?

GHL is a tool to generate leads, nurture them and generate sales. It also lets you track leads, inbound calls, and texts to organize them into a pipeline for your clients to have proof of the results you generate for your clients.

If you have any questions about the GoHighLevel.com review, kindly let me know from your comment.

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