Canva Free vs Paid (2023) – Which Plan Is Right for You?

Canva free vs paid

Lately, I have seen a lot of questions arising about the Canva free vs Pro version. Is it worth upgrading?

What is the difference between a free plan and a pro plan, and which plan is right for me? So, as a certified Canva creator, I have decided to answer all those questions with a detailed breakdown.

So, stick around as I unfold all the features in the free plan vs the pro plan and share some pro tips to use Canva for your best graphic design work.

So, let’s dive in.

Canva Free vs Paid 2023: An Overview

What is Canva?

It is an online graphic design and photo editing tool that offers an easy-to-use design. It lets you make incredible designs for your blog and business by doing drag-and-drop actions on most of the listed editing tools.

It is an excellent option for those people who do not want to use Photoshop or machine-based professional software.

People searching for a free, handy graphic design tool for their SME business can count on Canva.

With the free version, you can take your design to the next level. Not only that, you can upgrade your account to Pro or Canva for teams.

Canva Pro – What can you expect?

The Canva Pro has all the premium stuff enclosed in a professional portfolio. In addition, it has tons of graphics and templates for blogs, stock images, and many other features for professional use.

Some of the top brands and companies using Canva for their business are Common Sense Media, Inc., HootSuite Media Inc., Blackfriars Group, and the University of California-Los Angeles.

To get the answer to which plan is right for you? Let’s go ahead and see these two plans one by one in comparison.

Comparison of Canva Free vs Canva Pro

Canva Free Plan

With the Canva free plan, you can do tons of things. There are 250,000+ free templates for simple design needs. Then, you have different design types for social media, presentations, and more.

You can also access free-to-use images to fit your blog or social media post.

It wouldn’t be false if I said they give away with the free plan. It gives you enough liberty to design for your blogs and business. Here is a rundown list of all the features in the free plan:

  • 1 Million photos and free images. You can get the premium by paying $1 for a single image.
  • Over 0.2 Million Templates – some of them may have a Canva imprint.
  • Over 57 thousand graphical collections and 13+ thousand videos.
  • Have 75 soundtracks – they are free, which means royalty-free music!
  • 1700+ Fonts for different styles and brands
  • Six animation special effects
  • 5GB storage – a decent amount of storage to store your design to get back to them later.
  • Shareable with Teammates – you can share your creations with the team by emailing a link.

Canva Pro Plan

The Canva pro plan has all the features that a graphic designer dreams of and the free plan features. Here are they:

  • Remove Image Background – easily remove the background of any photo with just one click.
  • A Compact Brand Kit – now, this is absolute bliss. You can upload your font logos and choose your colour pallet.
  • 75+ million stock photos, audio, and videos – You don’t have to buy a subscription for royalty-free video and audio sites. You have it all in Canva Pro.
  • Resize Images easily – Resize any image you need to use on social platforms or sites.
  • Plan your Content – You can link and plan your content for social platforms.
  • Clear background designs – Make your design and download it as a transparent PNG.
  • Make intuitive animations – With the feature of Animator Pro, make a GIF or an MP4 animation.
  • High-Res downloads – Get your high-res designs instantly.
  • 100GB online storage space
  • SVG format allowed for design download – Canva Pro enables the designs in SVG format, which is suitable for making vector designs.

There is nothing better than making a design of your own choice without the help of professional graphic design or designing skills. You can create your brand identity easily and repurpose it for different platforms.

With many free images, audio and video libraries, massive storage, and brand creation, the background removal and animation maker tools are a cherry on top of the Canva Pro Plan.

Canva Print

You need to know more about Canva Pro functionalities: Canva print. In other words, some licenses will be attached to these online assets if you use them for commercial purposes.

Creating something for your business to use as a one-time design is okay. But if you are into a company where you resell the plans like a professional Ad agency, you need to read the licensing and terms carefully.

How Much Does The Canva Pro Cost?

Before considering joining the Canvas Pro, you must consider its cost if it is what you can afford. Since it has three pricing plans, which are:

Free, Pro and enterprises.

The pro will cost $12.99 per month and $119.99 per year. You can save up to 23% if you subscribe to your annual plan.

The enterprise costs $30 per month per person. This plan is for some big companies with a minimum of 24 people.

Canva Free vs Paid: Is it Worth Upgrading to Pro?

As a graphic designer and digital content creator, I always want to access premium assets. In addition, I want to make my audience crave more and keep coming back to my website; if you have the same goals, you should consider upgrading to the Canva pro plan.

Even if you are unsure about getting it full-fledged, you can give a shot for free and then decide. It is free for the first 45 days; that’s enough time to gauge your needs.

With Canva Pro, you get access to the following:

  • 100+ million premium stock photos, videos, audio and graphics
  • 610,000+ premium templates with new designs daily.
  • Schedule social media content to 8 platforms
  • More than 3000 fronts

Which Canva Pro plan should I choose, monthly or yearly?

There is no difference between monthly and yearly plans and features, but you can save up to 23% with an annual payment. That is the best way to save money when you join the Canva Pro account.


  • Canva is very easy to use
  • You can integrate the tool with other platforms, most social media and other cloud storage platforms.
  • Getting access to the pre-design templates
  • Simple interface


  • The mobile app is not easy to use
  • Slow support team
  • All the advanced features require upgrading to Canva pro

How To Use Canva Pro For Free

The Canva team allow you to test their pro for free without paying a dime. You will enjoy it for 30 days, in which you can upgrade if you’re satisfied.

To join the 30-day pro account, sign up for the Canva account. At the top, click on pricing. Then, choose the pro account and click try it free for 30 days.

It allows you to choose if you want to pay per month or annual payment. This depends on you.

Add your credit card, but you will not be charged till after 30 days.

This allows you to test all the Canvas features of any plan you choose. After the free trial ends, you will be charged per month based on your plan.

Canva for Teams

If you have a team of two or more people, you can subscribe to Canva for teams to reduce the cost.

The Canva for Teams has all the features of the Canva Pro, allowing groups of all sizes to enjoy the benefits.

Canva for teams plan gives access to the SS0. ISO 27001 certification and compliance

24/7 customer support

If you subscribe to the Canva for Teams yearly plan, you can save 16 per cent. You get access to all the premium features, and you and your teams will take your design to a new level with these amazing features.

Canva for Teams Pricing

Canva for Teams monthly plans cost $14.99, while yearly plans cost $149.90.

You can start for free today to test the features.

Canva For Teachers

Canva for teachers is 100 per cent free for primary and secondary school teachers and their students.

It allows the creation of engaging lesson plans, videos, projects, etc.

You will need to be verified before you can use Canca for teachers, so if you’re a teacher and want to join Canva and enjoy all its features, you can join for free today.

Canva for Student

If you’re a student and want to use Canva, you need to ask your teacher to invite you to their canvas classroom.

Canva Free vs Paid: Conclusion

Canva is one of the best online design tools that lets you professionally create the most creative designs without much effort.

Every small to medium business is going online. If you want to establish an identity online, opting for a $120 graphic designing service is worth spending in contrast with hiring a heavy-budget full-time graphic designer.

So we have summed it all up for you; now it is your turn to make a wise decision to choose between Canva free vs paid for your business.

FAQ About The Canva Free and Pro

How much does Canva cost?

The Canva price starts at $9.99 per month. Canva has two different plans:

Pro at $9.99 per month.

Enterprise costs $30.00 per user per month.

Does Canva offer a free plan?

Yes, Canva offers a free plan. You can start with a Canva free plan and later upgrade to a Pro account for only $9 per month.

How do I get Canva Pro Free 2022?

You can get Canva Pro Free if you are a student. You only need to ask your teacher to sign up. You can join their Canva Pro class with their invite link to get a Canva pro account for free.

To claim a free Canva Pro account, you must sign up with Canva for education.

How do I subscribe to Canva Pro?

If you have a free account, it only requires upgrading to Canva Pro

At the bottom of the homepage, click Try Canva Pro, Get Canva Pro, or Get the free trial now.

If you’re eligible, then click Start my free trial.

Then, select a payment plan and click Next.

Select a payment option.

Enter your payment details and complete the upgrade.

How much does it cost to use Canva Pro?

Canva Pro is $12.99 paid monthly for up to 5 people and $119.99 when paid annually.

Any additional team member will cost $60.00/year ($5.00/month) for yearly payments or $7.00/month on a monthly plan.

Is Canva a one-time purchase?

No, Canva is not a one-time purchase. It is a monthly or yearly payment.

Canva Pro Features

Canva Pro allows any team to create professional designs with premium features like Background Remover, Brand Kit, and more.

The pro account accelerates your ideas with premium templates and takes your designs to the next level with animation and videos.

It helps to work faster and more professionally by inviting your team to work together without additional cost.

If you have any questions concerning the Canva Free vs Paid, let me know from your comments.

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