Originality.ai Review: Best AI Content Detector Tool

Originality.ai Review

If you are a publisher or content writer. You will understand why you need to protect your websites, blogs and your business from complete AI content that can have a negative impact on your business.

If you’re hiring content writers and paying huge amounts of money but later detect that the writer is using AI tools to write your content, that is a big blow from your side, and that is why Originality.ai was created.

Originality.AI is an AI content detector and plagiarism checker that detects any form of content writing by AI tool.

In this Originality.ai review, I will explain all the benefits, pros, cons and pricing to help you determine whether the tool is for you.

Originality.AI Overview

Product Name: Originality.ai

Price: Start from $14.95

Official Website: Click Here

What Is Originality.AI Tool?

Originality.AI is the most accurate AI content and Plagiarism checker for content marketers to detect any content writing or paraphrasing by ChatGPT, Paraphrasing tool, GPT-4 and others.

The Originalityai was built for content marketers and SEOs to ensure they are safe from Google penalties and not cheated by freelancers.

It is a tool for publishers, agencies and writers to help them.

User Cases for Originality.ai

Most of the Originalityai tools have shared their options for features and the functionality.

Kityo Martin

Originality.ai makes the process of verifying the freelancer’s work easy by providing a simple tool that ensures the outsourcing content meets their expectation.

Glenn Gabe

After testing most of the AI content detection software, Originality.ai is one of the best in the market today. The ability to detect paraphrasing AI content is a plus.

Ron Shefanski

Ron realizes that AI content is not going away, and with the help of human editing, it can save a lot of time and money. But I have had writers submit content that was 100% AI, and that is a big no. Originalityai tool is what Ron is using now to detect any content written by AI.

There are many more testimonies and user cases of Originalityai tool.

Can Originalityai detect AI content?

Yes, Originality tool can detect AI content, and there are many user cases and testimonies about it.

It is the most accurate AI content detector and Plagiarism checker that you and your team need for your business.

If you need a reliable tool to ensure your content is original and free from plagiarism and written by a human and not AI-generated content, then check Originality.ai.

Can Originalityai Detect Content Paraphrasing with Quilbot?

Yes, the Originalityai can easily detect content paraphrasing using Quilbot.

Its primary focus is to detect any AI writing and paraphrasing content. This is a great way to protect your site from the risk of Google penalties in the future.

With this AI content detection, you no longer need to rely on anyone on whether the content is free from plagiarism.

You can scan your entire site to know the risk of your blog by Google AI update in the future.

Can Originalityai Detect Content Created By Jasper AI?

Yes, Jasper is an AI writing tool, and Originalityai AI content detection can determine if the content is written using the Jasper AI tool.

So, whether you use Jasper to write your content or any other AI writing tool, Originality.ai will detect it and tell you the percentage and what to do to make your content unique.

Can Originalityai Detect Content Created by ChatGPT?

It can detect any content written by ChatGPT.I know many content writers, freelancers, agencies, etc. are happy with the ChatGPT, but if all your blog content is full of AI writing content, you’re at risk of facing a Google AI penalty update soon.

Originality.AI- Reliable Plagiarism Checker

originality.ai detection

Whether you’re a blogger, content writer, freelancer or agency, you know the importance of writing content free from plagiarism.

And there are many plagiarism checker tools out there, but Originality.ai take a new dimension on detecting any plagiarism to make your content unique and rank on search engines.

What Are The Benefits of Originality.ai?

Originality.ai has many advantages over other AI tools, and it has been the best tool any content marketers and SEO gurus need to add to their arsenal.

Originality.AI allows you to complete unlimited scans, checking if AI writing tools are used to write your content.

It checks if the content was plagiarized and also determines the readability score of your content.

This is a great way to boost your SEO content and make readers find your content more valuable and readable.

Accurate AI Detection

originality ai content detector

Originality.ai is the most accurate AI detection tool, including 99% accuracy on GPT-4 content,83% on chatGPT and less than 2% false positive.

Plagiarism Checking

With the Originalityai tool, you can simply identify if the contet was copied from other sources. And Originality.AI is the only AI plagiarism checker that is accurate at identifying when a paraphrasing AI tool is used on either AI text or humans.

Readability Score

Knowing the readability score of your content is very important. Originality.AI can identify the readability score for the top results on Google.

AI Content Detector API

It makes it easy to integrate the AI detection capability into your own tool. You will get access to all the documented AI content detector API and REST API to make the process simple to implement.


The share scan link lets you show anyone that your content meets any AI, plagiarism, and readability requirements.

Team Management

The tool allows you to add and remove unlimited team members, see their record of all the activity, and AI writing content vs. human written content scan score.

Originality.ai Pros and Cons

OriginalityAI Pros

Originality.ai is not just an AI-written content and text detector; it is a complete content-creation tool.

It is a quality tool that helps content marketers ensure they have well-written content that ranks on Google and other search engines.

Most Accurate AI Content Detector

Originality.ai outperforms other AI detection tools because its algorithm uses a natural language processing technique, which requires a lot of computing power.

  • Picked as the most accurate AI tool
  • Best paraphrasing detection tool
  • Provide a full site scan
  • False positive management

The Right Readability Score

originality.ai score

One factor that makes Originality.ai great is the readability score.

  • Access to Free Readability test
  • It uses the most reliable readability test

Easy To Use Plagiarism Detection

Originality.ai is a feature-rich plagiarism detector, and most content publishers are confident that they are publishing high-quality content when using the Originality.ai tool.

It provides easy to understand of percentage score

Sharable report

  • Easy to identify suspected plagiarized text
  • All the features you need in one place

Seamless Multilanguage AL detection

Originality.ai is Multilanguage AI detection and can remove language barriers while supporting 15 languages.

It ensures your content is accurately analyzed, which is the ultimate content QA tool you need.

  • It provides accurate and reliable results
  • Cultural nuance recognition
  • Simple integration
  •  Chrome Extension

Another great benefit of Originality.ai is that you can access its Chrome extension to make your work easy.

Other benefits are:

  • Save you a lot of money
  • Save your time
  • Unlimited website

Originality.AI Cons

Having explained all the advantages of Originality.ai, there are a few cons you need to know.

Limited Languages- Originality.ai currently support 15 languages

It may not be ultimately 100% accurate by at least 95+ correct.

Originality.ai Pricing Plans

originality.ai pricing

Originality.ai has flexible pricing plans that fit any business.

It has two types of pricing: pay-as-you-go and base subscription.

Pay-as-you-go Pricing

The pay-as-you-go cost is $30 one time. It gives you 3000 credits. I credit score is 100 words.

The additional credits are 0.01/credit with 2 year expiry.

The plan includes the following:

  • AI scan
  • Plagiarism Scan
  • Readability Scan
  • 30-Day Scan History
  • Sharable Reports

Base Subscription

The base subscription is a monthly subscription that costs $14.95 per month. Users can cancel anytime.

It includes 2000 credits.

I credit Scan 100 words. Additional Credits cost $0.01/credit. It expires 1 month and can be renewed each month.

It has all the features in the Pay-as-you-go plan plus the following:

File uploads such as docx, doc, pdf

  • API
  • Full site Scan
  • Scan from URL
  • Team Management
  • Tag Scan
  • Access To other features

Originality.AI Review 2023: Conclusion

 Originality.ai review is based on the testing of the tool. It detects AI and GPT content created with the help of artificial intelligence.

If you are a content writer, content marketer or agency looking for the best tool to detect any forms of content written by AI or paraphrasing tools, then we recommend Originality.ai.

Originality.ai Review 2023: FAQ

Is Originality.ai free?

Originality.ai is not a free AI tool. You need to subscribe to the premium plan to access full features.

Does Originalityai offer a free Trial?

Yes, the Originality.ai has a free trial. You can get started with the free trial when you install the Free Ai detection Chrome extension. You get 50 credits, and 1 credit can scan 100 words.

Does Originalityai have a Chrome Extension?

Yes, it has a Chrome extension. You can install the extension and also get 50 free credits.

Does Originality.AI Provide Paraphrase Detection?

Yes, Originality.AI is the only tool trained to detect if the content is edited by a paraphrased tool like Quillbot.

Originality.AI will identify the content as AI-generated 95% of the time. If you run text through a paraphrasing tool like Quillbot.

How Accurate is Originality.AI Content Detection Tool?

originality.ai accuracy

The Originality tool is very accurate, and according to the test carried out, below are the results.

We tested the OpenAI GPT-4 model with Originality.AI, and the results were 99.37% accurate, with 1.56% false positives on the human text.

Below are the detection rates and accuracy using Originality.AI:

  • GPT-3.5: 99.9% accurate
  • ChatGPT GPT4 : 83.29% accurate
  • GPT-4: 99.5% accurate
  • Paraphrased tools like Quillbot: 94.7% accurate

All tests include many human datasets to know the Originality tool’s false positive rate.

 The range can be from 1.56% to 2.7%.

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