10 Best AI Writing Software of 2024 Reviewed

Choosing the best AI writing software is crucial to get quality content free from errors, mistakes and plagiarism.

Maybe you’re interested in creating headlines to grab readers’ attention or want to generate high-quality content to inspire your site visitors; chosing the best AI writing software may be the best option to deliver what you need and save time and money.

In this guide, I compared ten best AI writing software tools so that you can decide and choose the best AI tool for content writing that fits your need.

When using AI tool for your text and content generator, have it in mind that every AI content generator require human supervision to ensure the content meed the reader’s demand.

Best AI Writing App and Software

What Are The Best AI Writing Software?

Here is my top pick of the best AI writing software for writing content and my choice for you this year.

Best AI writing Software for busineses

#1 Groove.ai

jasper ai writing software

Groove.ai is today’s most robust AI writing tool. It lets you create original content in whatever category you wish, including articles, blog posts, eBooks, recipes, product descriptions, sales copies, and more.

You can also use Groove.ai to improve your existing content. The software comes with a ‘Content Improver’ tool that uses the power of AI to better the content.

You can guide Jasper about the tone you expect with the content, giving you multiple suggestions. You can expect grammar-correct, witty, engaging content with Jasper.


  • Offers plenty of content frameworks, including AIDA: Content frameworks help you understand how to structure your content for better readability and engagement.
  • Paraphrase: This tool can paraphrase your content and make it more unique.
  • Fonts and Styles: Jasper offers 11,000 fonts and over 2500 categories for your writing needs.
  • Grammar Correction: The AI tool in Jasper corrects grammar mistakes on the go.
  • Tone: It isn’t easy to maintain the tone throughout the article. Mention the style you are looking for in your article; the ai will help you keep the tone throughout the content.


jasper pricing

Jasper has three payment plans available for the users. Try the Jasper AI tool for five days before subscribing to the plans.

Starter Plan: $29/month with a 20,000-word limit

Boss Mode: $49/month with access to all the features of Jasper.

Business Plan: This plan is for teams and businesses. If you prefer this plan, contact Jasper’s team and negotiate with them.

If you want to use the best article-writing software, you must try Jasper. It has all the features you need to write blog posts that can rank on Google.

Best AI Writing APP for Copywriting


Copy.ai is another excellent article-writing tool with every feature you need to write quality content.

With Copy.ai, you can write blog posts 10x faster without grammatical errors, write high-converting blog posts and even engage emails.

It helps you enhance the whole AI content generator that delivers quality content for your blog or website.

What you can do with Copy.ai

  • Blog content
  • Sales copy
  • Ad copy
  • Social media content and post
  • eCommerce copy
  • Website copy
  • Generate content ideas
  • Write product descriptions
  • Rewrite existing content
  • And more

The software uses Artificial Intelligent to write your articles and ad copy in munites.

You can now generate and write high-converting ad copy for your campaign without hiring freelancers and experts.

Copy.ai has over 90 tools and templates you can use to produce content and rank on search engines.

Who Can Use Copy .ai

  • Blog writers
  • Freelancers
  • Social media managers
  • Email marketers

The Copy .ai content creation process is unique, which is why most bloggers and writers love to use the tool.

There are many content generation software in the market, but Copy.AI is one of the best that uses natural language processing to write and rewrite blog content without plagiarism.

Copy.ai Pros

  • Very easy to use
  • Produce quality content
  • Optimise your content for SEO

Bottom Line

Copy.ai is an automated article writing software that has helped many writers fast-track their success regarding quality over quantity.

You can use the tool to write any content you like without any problem. You can use the copy. for free as it has a free plan to test the tool.

Copy a.i Pricing

It has two pricing options, free and paid. The paid plan costs $49 per month. You can use the plan to write unlimited words without any limit.

Try Copy.ai

Best AI writing Asisitance

3 Writesonic

Writesonic is a similar AI writing tool to Jasper and offers the same features. However, there are some distinctions.

For starters, it is available in 25 languages. Writesonic can help you write digital content, from website to digital ad copies, articles and blog posts, e-commerce product descriptions, and more.

The two copywriting formulas it uses include AIDA and Pain-Agitate-Solution, which are the most effective.

It is a great ai software for writing, and most users love it, as it uses machine learning algorithms to research and produce quality content.


  • YouTube Video Copy: Writesonic can help you write engaging and effective YouTube video descriptions that will help your video rank on YouTube and get more views on your videos.
  • SEO-Friendly Content: Writesonic creates SEO-friendly content that helps you rank higher in search engines.
  • Content for All Platforms: Writesonic can help you write content for all platforms, including websites, social media, and blogs.
  • Available in 25 Languages: Writesonic is available in 24 languages, idealising global businesses.
  • Startup Ideas: If you’re looking for startup ideas, Writesonic can help you develop the perfect idea and write a business plan for it.


ai writing software tool
  • Free Plan: Free with all basic features
  • Basic Plan: $15/month with up to 50,000 words
  • Professional Plan: $45/month with unlimited credits
  • Startup Plan: $95/month with unlimited credits and two user logins
  • Agency Plan: $195/month with unlimited credits and four user logins.

This tool is among the best AI writing assistant tools in the market.

Best AI writing Assistant software

4. AI Writer

This is one of the best automatic content creators that I have used. It is especially suitable for SEO writers and those who constantly post blogs.

It works similarly to Jasper in terms of content creation but in a low scale. You don’t need to spend more time on research before writing on any topic.

Provide some information on which you want to write an article, and it will suggest content to choose from.

You ONLY provide the headline or keyword, and AI Writer will come up with unique content from the information it found on the internet.


  • Automatic Content Writing: AI Writer is an AI-powered content writing tool that helps you create unique and engaging content in seconds. This means you don’t have to research before writing on any topic.
  • SEO-Friendly Content: AI Writer creates SEO-friendly content that helps you rank higher in search engines.
  • Fast and Easy to Use: AI Writer is fast and easy to use, ideal for busy bloggers and marketers.
  • Content Research: AI Writer does all the research for you, so you don’t have to do any manual research before writing on a topic.
  • API for Auto-Blogging: The API automatically allows you to publish content to your blog or website.


ai software pricing
  • AI Writer Basic: $29/month with 40 pieces of content
  • AI Writer Standard: $59/month with 150 pieces of content
  • AI Writer Power: $375/month with 1000 pieces of content

#5 Grammarly


Grammarly is a grammar-checking tool that is more than just writing software. It can also be used for editing, proofreading, and even social media posts.

The software uses AI to help you improve your writing skills by identifying errors and suggesting corrections. Grammarly can be used for free, but a premium version also offers more features, such as plagiarism checking and vocabulary enhancement.

What I like about Grammarly is that it provides contextual correction. For example, Grammarly will identify the mistake and suggest the correct word for the following sentence if you misuse a word in one sentence.


  • Grammar checking: Grammarly uses AI to help you identify errors in your writing to correct them.
  • Plagiarism detection: The premium version of Grammarly includes a plagiarism detector that can help you avoid plagiarism in your work.
  • Vocabulary enhancement: The premium version of Grammarly also includes a vocabulary enhancement tool that can help you improve your writing by suggesting new words and phrases.
  • Contextual correction: Grammarly can help you avoid mistakes in your writing by identifying the context of your sentences and suggesting the correct word or phrase use.
  • Secure browser add-on: Grammarly offers a secure browser add-on that encrypts your data and protects your privacy.


Grammarly pricing
  • Free Plan: Free with basic grammar checking
  • Premium Plan: $11.66/month with a plagiarism checker and advanced writing suggestions
  • Business Plan: $12.50/month for teams of more than three members.

Grammarly is among the top-rated AI writing assistant tools that can help you if you’re a writer, freelancer, blogger or marketer.

I use Grammarly to edit all my content, which has helped me provide quality content to my readers. If you’re a blogger or freelancer, you need Grammarly software to help you with your content.

Best AI paraphrasing tool

#6. INK Editor

INK Editor is an AI-based paraphrasing and SEO writing tool that helps you rewrite and optimise your content for better search engine ranking.

The INK Editor uses a combination of AI and human editing to help you produce high-quality content that is both unique and SEO-friendly.

It generates content 5x faster than a human editor and can write content for your social media, blog, e-commerce business, website, and more.

It will help you find the right words to communicate clearly with authentic and compelling content.


  • The ultimate SEO writing software: INK Editor is the leading SEO writing software that helps you write content that ranks in search engines.
  • Create content in seconds: With INK Editor, you can create content in seconds, thanks to its AI-powered paraphrasing and SEO optimisation features.
  • Team management: INK Editor makes managing your team of writers and editors easy with its team management features.
  • Available for multiple OS: You can download Ink Editor for macOS, Windows, Linux, WordPress, and Google Chrome.
  • Multiple Modes: Ink Editor can be used by students, businesses, agencies, and freelancers.


best ai writing tool pricing
  • Starter Plan: $8.80/month with one user login
  • Pro SEO Plan: $44/month
  • Team SEO Unlimited: $177/month with everything in Pro SEO plus three user logins

Best Academic writing tool

#7. ProWritingAid

If you do academic writing, you will likely be required to use several different writing styles.

ProWritingAid is an AI-powered writing assistant that helps you improve your writing skills by identifying errors and suggesting corrections.

It comes with a grammar and plagiarism checker with easy API integration. Therefore, you can use it with all the writing tools you are using.

The best thing about ProWritingAid is that you get detailed engagement metrics, which can help you improve your writing skills.


  • Grammar checker: ProWritingAid’s grammar checker identifies errors in your writing and suggests corrections.
  • Plagiarism checker: ProWritingAid’s plagiarism checker ensures that your content is original and contains no plagiarised content.
  • API integration: ProWritingAid integrates quickly with all the writing tools you are using.
  • Detailed engagement metrics: ProWritingAid provides detailed engagement metrics that can help you improve your writing skills.
  • 20 detailed writing reports: These reports are generated after you have completed a writing task. They help you understand where you went wrong and how to improve your writing skills.


  • Monthly Subscription: $14/month
  • Yearly Subscription: $56/month
  • Lifetime: $288/month (one-time fee)

8. Text Blaze

This is not your traditional AI writing tool. Unlike others, which you can use for creating blog posts and articles, Text Blaze is ideal for making quick and easy text snippets.

It is best for automating repetitive typing tasks, which you often do. For instance, if you find yourself typing out the same email responses or filling out the same form fields repeatedly,

Text Blaze can help you automate those tasks. You have to create a text template and then use the Text Blaze extension to insert that template into any text field.

  • Customisable templates: Text Blaze allows you to create customisable templates for your most commonly used text snippets, including social media.
  • Text expansion: Text Blaze automatically expands your text templates into the full-text snippet.
  • Easy collaboration and sharing features: Text Blaze makes it easy to share your text templates with others and collaborate on projects.
  • Available on all popular web apps: Text Blaze is an extension for all popular web browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge.
  • Quick keyboard shortcuts: Text Blaze provides quick keyboard shortcuts for inserting your text templates into any text field.
pricing 2022 ai
  • Basic Plan: Free to use up to 20 snippets and 2500 characters
  • Pro Plan: $2.99/month for up to 1000 snippets and 25,000 characters
  • Business Plan: $6.99/month for up to 4000 snippets and 50,000 characters
  • Enterprise Plan: Customised pricing based on your needs

Best AI rephrasing tool

9. Wordtune

Wordtune is an AI rephrasing tool with an editor similar to Grammarly, enabling you to form formal and straightforward sentences that are better structured and readable.

The AI tool in Wordtune helps you rewrite the content by using synonyms and rephrasing the sentence without changing the meaning.

This is ideal for people who want to improve their writing skills without changing the original content. The tool also has a free browser extension to make your work easier.


  • Editor: Wordtune’s editor helps you improve the readability of your content by correcting grammar mistakes and suggesting better sentence structures.
  • AI rephrasing tool: The AI rephrasing tool in Wordtune helps you rewrite your content without changing the meaning. It is the best tool for people who want to improve their writing skills without changing the original content.
  • Browser extension: Wordtune offers a free browser extension that can be used for grammar checking and rephrasing.
  • Thesaurus-based real-time suggestions: Wordtune offers thesaurus-based real-time tips to help you improve your vocabulary and writing skills.
  • Works with all editors and email clients: Wordtune works with all popular editors and clients. So, you can use it regardless of the tools you are using.


  • Free Plan: Free with basic suggestions and rewrites
  • Premium Plan: $9.99/month with advanced suggestions and rewrites
  • Premium Plan for Teams: customisable pricing with everything in premium.

If you’re looking for the best AI writing assistant software, you may want to check the wordtune.You can sign up for a free account and test the tool.

10. Sapling

Whether in a service-based business or a marketer, you know the importance of creating engaging and readable content.

Sapling is an AI-powered content optimisation tool that helps you improve the readability of your content. I like its performance-focused reporting, which allows me to track the engagement of my readers.

This helps me understand what works and doesn’t to improve how I create marketing content.

Above all, this AI tool can provide human-in-the-loop responses. That is, it can provide feedback on your content in real-time.


  • Message repository for inserting preformatted text: Sapling’s message repository helps you insert preformatted text into your content. This is ideal for marketing content as it allows you to save formatting time.
  • Snippet library is accessible via web tools: Sapling’s snippet library is accessible via web tools, allowing you to insert snippets into your content quickly.
  • Content optimisation: Sapling helps you improve the readability of your content by identifying errors and suggesting corrections.
  • Performance-focused reporting: Sapling provides performance-focused reporting that helps you track the engagement of your readers.
  • Enterprise-grade security: Sapling is backed by enterprise-grade security, ensuring that your data is safe and secure.


best ai writing software pricing
  • Free Plan
  • Pro Plan: $25/month
  • Enterprise Plan: Customised Pricing.

Sapling is another best free AI writing software you can use to see if it is fit your business. They offer great features and are worth checking.

Best AI Writing Software: Conclusion

There you have it – the best AI writing software tools available today.

As a writer, blogger or landing page builder, it is crucial to write unique headlines, great content, sales letters etc.

But what if you find it difficult to explore your creative side?

Or what if you want to improve at writing in a specific genre? That’s where AI writing software comes in.

These tools can help you write high-quality content quickly and easily without spending hours editing and rewriting your work.

So, which one of these artificial intelligence writing tools is suitable for you?

It depends on your needs and what type of content you need to write.

Any content you create needs to be free from errors and polished for your readers to understand the content better.

Al writing tools help small business to boost their marketing content. If you need suitable AL writing software, pick from the list below.

It does not matter any content you want to create or write; these AL tools capable of helping users to write quality content to engage their readers.

However, these AI writing tools are worth trying to see how they can help you produce better content.

What is AI writing Software?

AI text generator is a software that can generate content free of error without any plagiarism. An AI writing assistant tool help in writing articles, novels, social media ads, posts, blog posts, and more.

 There are benefits to using AI writing tools. AI writing software is excellent; you must add it to your marketing tools.

The AL content writers are rising in demand as many businesses add content marketing to their strategies to gain customers and generate more leads.

Are AI Writing Tools Expensive?

AI Writing Tools are not expensive. Suppose we take Groove.ai, one of the best Ai writing tools in the market, as an example. It costs $27 for 20,000 words, less than hiring a freelancer.

All the AI writing tools mentioned above have different pricing plans, and they are all cloud-based tools available as SaaS. Their pricing plans are affordable and can save you a lot of money.

What Are the Benefits of AI Writing Tools

Below are the benefits of using AI writing tools

Write quality content in less time

The AI tool can help you write content in less time. The software does all the hard work, such as writing attention-grabbing headlines, formatting the content, and ensuring that there are no plagiarisms in the content.

Generating content ideas and topics

If you’re struggling with content ideas, their AI tool can help you. And if you choose among the top AI tools, you will find these features helpful.

Improving Grammar and Remove Errors

Another benefit of using AI writing software is that it can help you improve the content’s grammar. Grammarly is great for enhancing and removing errors grammatically from your content.

Your content must be free from errors, so readers will not find it difficult to read.


Is there any free ai writing tool?

Yes, a few of the artificial intelligence writing software mentioned in this post are free, allowing you to test their software to see if it fits your need.

Like Writesonic AI tool has a free version, you can use the tool and later upgrade your account if you’re satisfied with the service.

Is AI writer legit?

Yes, AI writing is legit, and you can use any of these tools to write quality content, saving you a lot of time and money.

But,alway aware of big G. If you’re a blogger or content marketer, you need to aware of Google content updating. There is a tendency that Google and other search engines will crack down all content writing with AI writing tool.

Which Is The Best AI Writing Tool?

The best AI writing tool is Groove.ai tool. It has excellent features and fits any content.The tool is the best for businesses and anyobe who want to use AI tool to help in writing content,ssocial media post,images and so on.

If you have questions about the AI writer tools, kindly let me know from your comment.

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