Writersonic Pricing 2023: Does It Worth It?

Writersonic Pricing Summary

Writersonic AI is a tool that create SEO friendly for blogs,social media with inbuilt paraphrasing feature and lets you rephrase articles instantly, free from plagiarism and error.

The Writersonic AI price is as follows:

  • The free Trial comes with 10,000 words per month.
  • Premium Accounts start from $19 per month for 60,000
  • For Superior account is $19 per month for 30,000 words.
  • Ultimate Package costs $19 per month for 15,000 words.

If you’re a writer and want to be free from writer’s block, you may want to use one of the best AI writer tools.

Give Writersonicai a try today for free and see the power of GPT and Ultral GPT-4.

Before you join the Writersonic, we want to explain the pricing, so you know what you will get and how much it will cost you per word.

What Is Writersonic ai?

Writersonic is an AI writer that creates SEO-friendly content for blogs, social media ads, Google ads, and e-commerce for free.

An inbuilt paraphrasing tool lets users rephrase articles instantly, free from error and plagiarism.

Writersonic Pricing Plan

writersonic pricing

The Writersonic has three options:

  • Premium
  • Superior
  • Ultra

Premium Pricing Plan

The premium has three pricing plans, which are: free, long-form and custom plans.

The Writersonic price is based on the number of words you write per month, unlike other AI assistance writing software.

Free Trial

The tool allows you to test its features before you commit to pay option.

With the free plan, you can write up to 10,000 words per month with one user.

The free account has all the features to determine if the tool will work best for your business.

What you get with a free account

  • ChatSonic
  • 100 plus AI templates
  • AI article writer
  • Custom ChatGPT chatbot
  • Browser extension
  • WordPress export with one click
  • Integration with Zapier
  • Landing page generator
  • Sonic Editor is just like Google Docs editor
  • 25+ languages
  • API Access

All these features are good enough to get started with, so you can understand how the tool works.

Long Form Plan

The long-form plan is for bloggers, freelancers and businesses, and it comes with all the features from the free plan plus long from plan features.

The price starts from $12.67 monthly for 60,000 words and one user.

You can use the slide tool to estimate the cost of the number of articles.

Below is the pricing summary

  • 60,000 words cost $12.67 per month
  • 200,000 words cost 32.67 per word and 5 users
  • 400,000 words cost $66 per month for 5 users
  • 800,000 words cost 132.67 per month and 10 users.

Here is what you will get when you join the Writersonic long-form plan today.

All the features in the free plan plus the following:

  • Gpt-4 and GPT-4+
  • Complete article rewriter
  • API Access
  • Bulk processing
  • Integration with surfer
  • Access to the new features
  • Customer support

Custom Plan

Another Writersonic package is the custom plan. This plan is for teams and businesses.

You to take your business to a new level with this package.

Aside from all the features of a long-form plan, you will also get AI model development, onboarding and support.

What you will get with a custom plan

Everything in long-form, plus:

  • Custom number of words
  • Custom number of users
  • AI development
  • Invoicing options
  • Account manager
  • Training sessions
  • Premium support
  • How To Use Writersonic
  • AI Tool

The Writersonic has three options

Superior Pricing Plan

The Superior pricing plans are as follows:

Free Trial

The superior free trial comes with 5,000 words and one user per month.

The Superior Long-Form Plan

The superior long-form plan starts at $12.67 per month for 30,000 words and one user.

It has the same features with that as the premium plan.

The Superior Custom Plan

Just like the premium plan, it has the same features.

You must contact the sales representative to get a Writersonic price for the custom plan.

The Ultimate Account

The ultimate free trial account only allows 2,500 words and one user.

The Ultra long-form plan starts at $12.67 per month for 15,000 words and one user.

It has the same features as the premium account.

The superior and Ultra quality that uses GPT-4 offers enhancement, improved understanding of input and more brilliant contextual responses than that of premium features.

Another benefit of superior and Ultra qualities GPT-4 is that they support longer text and good non-English language comprehension.

NOTE: As of the time of writing this pricing review, only the superior GPT-4 is live, while the Ultra will be available soon.

Writersonic features compared

writersonic features

The image below compares the three free trial, long-form and custom plans.

Writersonic Integration

Another thing to consider when choosing the best AI writer software is integration.

You can connect Writersonic with many tools, such as follow:

  • Surfer
  • SEMrush
  • 1-click WordPress export
  • Browser Extension
  • Plagiarism Checker
  • Zapier


They provide all the guides and tutorials to learn how the AI tool works.

In addition, all users can access the free training webinar, email support and Writersonic community.

Writesonic AI Pricing: Conclusion

Writersonic AI is a great tool for creating quality content that engages audiences.

With a click, you can create a landing page with a different variation.

It is an exceptional AI content generation tool to craft articles within a fraction of the time.

You can start with the free trial to upgrade your account. Writesonic gives you everything to help you create quality content for your website and blog.

Whether you want to write a blog post, an email, ads and so on, the tool is capable of giving you the best.

FAQ About Writesonic AI Tool

What is the limit of Writersonic?

Writersonic offer a free trial. You can get up to 10,000 words of content for the premium account, 5,000 words for the superior and 2,500 for the Ultra account.

Is Writersonic good for SEO?

Writesonic is an AI content creation tool that helps you quickly create SEO-optimized content free from error and plagiarism.

This AI tool identifies the best topics and keywords and then suggests accurate content outlines to get you started.

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