Pricing [2023] How Much Does CopyAI Cost? pricing 2023

Want to learn more new info about pricing and plans?

Do you want to find out if CopyAI is worth the cost compared to other AI tools?

Then you’re in the right place. is among the best AI writing assistance software because it offers more advanced features to help you and others like bloggers, marketers, and other freelancers to get the most out of content generation. is the best for short-form content such as email copy, social media ads, product descriptions etc. The AI tool can also fit in to write long-form content like a blog post or even an eBook.

This pricing review will examine all the CopyAI pricing plans to understand which is right for your business.

In addition, we’ll also let you know whether CopyAI is worth the price compared to other AI writing assonance software.

So, let’s first answer the question most people when to know.

How Much Does Cost? has two pricing plans, free and paid.

Free Plan

The free plan allows you to generate 2,000 words per month. It requires no credit card, so you can take a risk to test the tool.

Pro Plan

The pro plan varies, and it depends on the number of words.

It starts from $49 per month for unlimited content.

You don’t need to worry about the number of words to write. The pro plan allows up to 5 users.

Now you understand the basic price of the tool. Let deeper down and see what you will get from these plans.

CopyAI Free Plan

The free plan only allows one user and 2,000 words per month.

You will get access to up to 90 copywriting tools plus unlimited projects.

Another feature of the plan is the Blog Wizard tool.

Once you exceed the 2,000 words, you can easily upgrade your account to pro and get an unlimited package.

One of the disadvantages of the free plan is that you can only generate content in up to 25 languages.

CopyAI Pro Plan

The pro plan starts at $49 and $36 per month when billed annually.

The annual payment saves you little money, which is $13 per month.

What is included in the pro plan:

  • Five users account
  • Chat by
  • 90-plus copywriting tools
  • Unlimited projects
  • Priority support
  • Create content in over 29 languages
  • Blog wizard tool
  • Access to the newest features

Unlike before, where you only need to generate 300,000 words per month, with the pro plan, you can use CopyAI to create unlimited content.

Enterprise Plan

This plan gives you everything from the Pro plan plus more advanced features.

It allows you to automate any of your work.

Here are the advanced features you will get with this plan:

  • API Access
  • Chat interface
  • Prebuilt workflow library
  • Private company Infobase
  • And much more

So, these are the pricing plans of the Copyai software.

How Works works in three steps.

Step 1:Enter Your Copywriting Project

how works

The first step is to enter your copywriting project. This will tell the tool what you want to archiveYou can select from email, social media, long-form blog posts etc.

Step 2: Provide with a bit of context

copyai tool

Enter a few sentences about your product to help the tool understand your project and input the correct content.

Step 3: Get the results

copyai software-how it works

The AI software provides multiple options for the projects you’re working on.

Step 4: Edit, polish and publish your content

You can then use the Copyai editor to edit, correct and rewrite the paragraph. Copy and paste the work into your CMS and publish your content.

As simple as that.

What You Can Do With

The CopyAI copywriting tool has everything you need to start your business.

You can use it for the following:

  • Write blog posts
  • Product Description
  • Social medial content
  • Email copy
  • Sales copy
  • Digital ad copy
  • eCommerce copy
  • Website copy
  • And much more

As you can see, the CopyAI writing tool gives you all you need when t comes to content generation. Pricing: Conclusion is AI-powered software created for writers to assist in content generation. It has all the features to create quality content that can engage your audience.

But the downside is that it may not be the best tool for creating long-form content.

There are many other AI assistance writing software you can check if you plan to write long-form content as a blogger or freelancer.

CopyAI Pricing FAQ

Is copy AI completely free?

CopyAI copywriting tools have a free plan. You can create content with the free plan. However, if you want more content, subscribe to the Pro plan.

What is copy AI used for? tool helps with all kinds of copywriting and digital copy, including blogs, emails, Product descriptions, ad copy, and website copy.

Which is better, Jasper or CopyAI

The main difference is that Copy.AI is suitable for creating Ads and other short-form copies, while Jasper is far better for long-form content.

The advantage of Jasper is that it provides you with SEO features, while CopyAI does not.

What Is

CopyAI is a content writing tool that generates content using natural language processing and deep learning. Copy AI can generate content in over 25 languages.

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