AI Client Goldmine Review [2023] By Nick & Tom


Welcome to a complete AI client Goldmine review.

The AI client Goldmine training program makes getting clients for your agency or business easier.

And if your business requires to find high-paying customers to generate income within the limited budget, then you should check the Client goldmine.

Whether you’re a consultant, realtor, funnel builder or agency, you must acquire real clients for your business or agency to survive.

You know that there are many challenges when it comes to getting clients, such as:

  • Rejection
  • Time-consuming
  • Budget
  • Tools etc.

And that is the reason the AI Client Goldmine was designed.

It can help you and your business or agency find clients ready to pay you frequently.

It enables you to identify clients, analyze essential data and generate many customers ready to stick with you.

The task that takes you hours can now be done in 10 minutes.

If you’re in a local agency, you will understand how difficult to get customers or generate leads.

AI dominates the marketing world, and many are already benefiting.

To incorporate AI tools to automate most of your business tasks, you must understand how it works and the type of AI software you need.

And that is where AI Client Goldmine comes into play.

Table of Contents

AI Client Goldmine Review: An Overview

Name: AI Client Goldmine

Creator: Nick Ponte & Tom Gaddis

Price: $27

Niche: AI and training videos

Official Website: Click Here

What Is AI Client Goldmine?

AI client goldmine

AI Client Goldmine is a new video training course and AI software to help you automate your local agency task with incredible results.

The AI Client Goldmine video training shows you how to use the client Goldmine software to instantly generate high-converting outreach and get more interest from people to soon-be your customers.

The creator, Nick, reveals how he and his team efficiently leverage the power of AI to turn interest into closed deals without spending huge amounts of money.

The task that takes you hours can now be completed in about 1 minute.

You will see how to use this training and software and discover how people use it to make $1,000 monthly in recurring sales.

The course will guide you to follow the same process and begging to generate recurring sales every month.

So, if you’re a local marketing agency or trying to make money online, the AI Client Goldmine is the way to go.

As ChatGPT is trending now, many people have grabbed the opportunity to make thousands of dollars every month using the AI tool.

But If it’s not clear how to use it to make money, the AI Client Goldmine figure out everything from scratch and shows you all the steps.

So if you want to incorporate AI tools into your business and generate income online,… then follow the path of Nick and others who have used ChatGPT to make money.

Join the AI Client Goldmine program—the new course + software from top entrepreneurs Nick Ponte and Tom Gaddis of the Offline Sharks.

Both live thousands of miles away and still have an agency that does $100k a month; that is amazing.

It is time to let the AI Client Goldmine shows you how to leverage AI tech to have an agency bursting with amazing clients and revenue potential.

Today, you can get AI Client Goldmine at its lowest price ever.

AI Client Goldmine program can bring in tons of recurring revenue clients for your agency that pay you for months and even years.

About The Creators

ai client goldmine creator

The AL Client Goldmine are Tom Caddid, Nick Ponte and Jason Moran. They are all experienced marketer who has built 6 figure per month agency.

They have helped countless local businesses and agencies how to find clients and generate more income.

And they are ready to share their experience with you and reveal all the strategies for acquiring high-pay clients to their agency and how you can follow the same process.

>> Learn more about AI Goldmine training

What Does AI Client Goldmine Do?

  • Find red-hot & ready to buy leads.
  • Qualify leads using an automated sales process
  • Allow you to schedule a strategy session
  • Follow up on the prospect of closing the deal

AI Client Goldmine Review: Modules

ai client goldmine program

Module 1: Introduction

  • AI Client Goldmine introduction
  • Straight line to money

Module 2: Craft your list of leads

  • Access to website spy software
  • Find the best leads
  • How to identify leads opportunity
  • Micro audit strategy

Module 3: Automated Client Mining

  • Email marketing strategy
  • Al follow up secrets
  • Client automation mining

Module 4: Print your AI audit

  • An overview
  • AI audit and what is behind it
  • Printing AI audit with ChatGPT
  • Best place to get an experts

Module 5: Miners’ meeting

  • OUnderstand the strategy session
  • Consultative sell
  • Strategy framework
  • Bonus: Case study and director’s cut edition

Module 6: Digital Gold Rush

  • Understand what to sell
  • Access to the high-converting niches
  • Hiring the best freelancers
  • Access to the list of contractors
  • Plus, there are many bonuses you will get when you take action today.

Check all the bonuses here.

How It Works

Step 1: Find businesses that need your service. Take 5 to 15 minutes

Step 2: Use done for your email template in the member area to contact them

Step 3: Get a response and seal the deal

AI Client Goldmine Review: Pros & Cons


  • Training and software
  • Get paid fast
  • Acquire more clients
  • Save more time
  • Reduce the client’s rejection
  • Automate the most tasks


 It has a few Upsells

Who needs the Client Goldmine program?

No matter any business you find yourself in, you need a tool to help you generate clients and automate most of your tasks.

You need this training if you belong to any of the following:

  • Agencies           
  • Consultants
  • Funnel Builder
  • Freelancers
  • Local business owners
  • Digital marketers
  • And more

AI Client Goldmine Testimonies

To let you know that the creator of the program practice what they perish; they have trained many business owners how to use the same tool to generate income.

Below are a few of their testimonies

ai client testimonies
al client goldmine testimonies

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How Much Does AI Client Goldmine Cost?

It costs only $27 to access the training and the software. Looking at the price, you will understand that what you will get from the client’s goldmine training is more than its cost.

There are also a few upsell, but it is not compulsory to buy them.

With the $27, you get all the training videos, software, bonuses and more.

>> Learn more about the AI Client training

What Are The AI Client Goldmine Upsell?

As I said before, it comes with a few upsell; if you like them, you can upgrade your account if you think they are worth it.

Below are the Upsell for the AI client Goldmine

  • Sales and marketing pack
  • Special offers
  • Advanced Upgrade
  • Shark Alliance
  • Proven high-converting landing page pack

AI Client Goldmine Review: Conclusion

AI Client Goldmine training and software from Offline Sharks shows you how to use AI to land $400 clients on demand. The AI software is a one-stop shop for running and growing your agency.

This is a great opportunity for local businesses and agencies looking for the best way to automate their tasks.

Forget about using the old traditional way to get high-paying clients that require extra work. Get access to the AI client Goldmine training program.

Their website Spy is a powerful tool to help you do all the tasks automatically, without manual work.