Skool Review 2024: The Ultimate Community Platform for Creators?

Before 2019, creators and entrepreneurs needed help to keep up with disjointed platforms for hosting online courses and building communities.

However, this changed when Skool, a leading community platform for creators, entered the market for the first time.

Skiool has since been the go-to community platform that brings together your content, resources, and audience in a rewarding space.

So, if you’re looking for a fresh platform that redefines community engagement and online education, Skool is your one-stop solution.

In this Skool review, I will deep down into its features, benefits, and pricing to help you to decide if the platform fits your business.

What is Skool?

skool review

Founded in 2019 by Sam Ovens, Skool is a course hosting platform and all-in-one community to help creators build and grow their online communities.

It aims to merge the community-creation abilities of top platforms like Facebook Groups with an organized Learning Management System (LMS) approach. This way, course creators can now accommodate their student communities and content in a single accessible platform.

Users can now easily concentrate throughout the learning process without shifting between platforms.

Skool’s success over the past five years is directly attributable to its incredible features and tools that help creators monetize their content.

You can manage subscriptions, process payments, create landing pages, and optimize content for engagement.

The platform is ideal for content creators, course creators, bloggers, and marketers looking to take their content marketing to the next level and build a community of like-minded people in their niche.

Skool Features

As an all-in-one platform that offers admirable courses, interactive engagement options, and member subscriptions for creators, a lot is expected of Skool.

Here are some key features that make it an unmatched community platform for creators.

Active Community Engagement

Skool’s active community engagement feature is the company’s core focus when developing new features. The company focuses on building thriving online communities, thus designing the platform for vibrant group engagement and discussions.

Skool’s community feature incorporates top online communication features you can use to enhance active communication and engagement.

These features include:

●  Likes

●  Posts

●  Comments

●   Polls

●  GIFs

●  Photos

●  Mentions

●  Videos, etc.

You can do everything you do on your favourite social media platforms on Skool, only this time, you’re reaching out to a dedicated group of learners interested in your course.

Options to Customize

Skool ensures that the course and community pages you create are easily customizable so you can bring in a flair of personal touch. You don’t have to sweat it out as the platform provides various templates you may use to design your pages.

But if you’re an expert in HTML and CSS, the platform allows you to build a template from scratch and bring unmatched courses and community pages to life.

Integrated Online Courses

One of the school’s robust features is an online course that seamlessly integrates with the community. This feature’s back-end menu lets you easily add your content and organize your course in separate categories and modules containing:

●  A description

●  A video

●  A transcript

●  Action items

●  Several links and files

While Skool allows for including one video in each module you create, it’s important to note that it has yet to host videos on the platform. You’ll have to choose the best solution: YouTube, Vimeo, Loom, or Wistia.

The end goal for these integrated online courses is to present courses that are easy to complete by including static content like videos, downloads, images, and progress tracking.

Easy-to-Use Mobile App

Skool has made it even easier for mobile users to access the platform by downloading an easy-to-use mobile app they launched in 2023. The Skool app allows Android and iOS users to achieve all the activities available on the website.

With the app, you can:

●  Post and comment on community group discussions

●  Keep track of community events as they unfold

●  learn through texts and video lessons

●  Chat with people in your community

As an administrator, you’re better off using the desktop version of the app for editing and managing your community. The mobile app is perfect for learners accessing the platform seamlessly from their phones.


The new generation comprises game lovers who wouldn’t mind a learning experience endowed with creative competitions and games. And that’s what Skool does by including some touch of fun with their gamification features.

As a creator, you can add customizable points, rewards, and levels to your course to make learning more competitive and exciting for learners to undergo.

Broadcast Emails

It’s easier for creators to manage communication inside Skool by broadcasting emails to every member with a single click. You don’t have to worry about complicated email setups to reach multiple users simultaneously.

Integrated Calendar

With Skool’s calendar, you can easily schedule and view group events, which are auto-adjusted to fit into users’ time zones to improve attendance rates.

Skool Pricing

Skool offers a 14-day trial period, after which you’ll join the paid plan starting from $99/month. The $99/month is the only existing subscription plan for Skool users, and it covers the following:

● All Skool features

● A group per subscription (for every additional group, you pay an additional $99/month)

● Freedom to add unlimited members per group

● Freedom to host unlimited courses

● No hidden costs

If you’re considering trying the free plan, you can cancel anytime you feel like without any obligations.

Skool Pros and Cons

Here’s what you get to enjoy or persevere when you become a Skool subscriber


  • Robust features for community-centric programs
  • Enjoy interaction with an active community in a fast-growing platform
  • Easy access through the comprehensive mobile app
  • Chat directly with other users
  • Access to insightful analysis
  • Simple user interface
  • Get more from a flat price of $99/mo


● Users can’t host videos on the platform as of yet

● You can’t build funnels as well, so you’ll need external web hosting for your sales funnels.

● No direct tech support is available.

Skool Review : Final Verdic

While it’s still a new community platform with just about five years in the market, Skool is shaping its path into becoming the ultimate community platform for creators.

It has the potential to gather all creators looking for the best platform to share and even learn from other creators.

This is because it offers excellent features like community interactions and gamification, which makes it stand out as a force to reckon with.

But Skool may not yet be the ultimate community platform for creators because of its inability to host videos on the platform.

Skool platform is an ultimate community platform for creators to build thier own comminity of people who share the same ideas and goal.

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