The Print Sprint Review 2024: A Scam or Legit?

the Print Sprint Review

This blog post details the print sprint program and reveals if the course is a scam or legit.

Alison J Prince said you can turn a piece of paper and a printer into a side hustle and make money.

She claimed that a piece of paper and a printer helped her make 3x more money than her teacher’s salary.

Could this be true?

Let’s find out if the Print Sprint is as legit as she claimed or just another scam.

The Print Sprint review will show more insight into the Alison J Prince workshop.

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The Print Sprint Review And Overview

Product Name: The Print Sprint

Creator: Alison J Prince

Rating: 3/5

What is Alison J Prince’s The Print Sprint?

The Print Sprint shows anyone how to create and list their print product in just 3 days.

You will learn to find, create and list your print products for sales and start making money.

According to Alison J Prince, anyone can learn the Print Sprint business model in just 3 days when registering for the Print Sprint workshop.

Here is what you will learn in the Print Sprint free workshop by Alison J Prince.

Step 1: How to find a product idea

You will learn to create a product you can list and sell within 72 hours. In the free workshop, they will show you where to find the best printable product ideas for your print business.

Step 2: How to create a product

You will learn the tips and tricks for creating the products. With this business model, you don’t need any inventory to sell your product.

Step 3: Maximize your profits

The last step will show you how to minimize your profits and make sales.

The Print Sprint Workshop Price

The Print Sprint 3-day workshop costs $27 for anyone who wants to attend the training.

As you can see from the cost of the Print Sprint course, it is not expensive, but no one knows what is inside the training.

Below is what Alison J Prince promises during the Print Sprint workshop.

3-day online training to create your first product. The time is one and a half hours each day, worth $1,200.

Support: You can ask questions and get quick responses. It worth $200

Winning template worth $97

Time-saving bonuses to speed up your product creation process.

The total value for the workshop is $1, 497, but you can get it for $27 today.

Alison J Prince offers a 100% guarantee, and if you’re not satisfied with the training, you will get a refund without any questions.

The training is for you if you’re looking for a side hustle that can fetch you an extra income.

Even if you’re a newbie or side hustler, you can follow the steps taught in the workshop and then get fast results and start making money- Alison J Prince explained.

But to start a new business and make money requires time, effort and investment. Making money from what you learn in Print Sprint will take time, dedication and investment.

So, I disagree with the Alison J Prince sales page on how to easily make money using the Print Sprint workshop.

What is a print product, and examples?

The print product is something you can print at home using a printer. Here are some of the examples:

  • Gift certificate
  • Journal pages
  • Calendars
  • Cards
  • Charts
  • Stickers, etc

My Concern About this Business Model

As Alison J Prince claimed, it is a legit business, but I don’t think it is worth dedicating all your time to.

Most of these printables can easily be found on Google. For example, search for free printable calendars and get more detailed information.

One of the Print Sprint students says the training is misleading. Before taking the course, the guy already has experience in the printing business.

In addition, there are chances that Alison J Prince will upsell you with her other products.

The Print Sprint Review Conclusion

The Print Sprint workshop is legit, no doubt about it, but the creator seems hyper about the course.

You can try it and see if it fits your desire in a printing business.

If you want to build a profitable online business that can generate 6 figures, then you can try other types of online business.

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Blogging is a lucrative business, and you can start with little investment.

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What of Amazon Kindle direct publishing?

This is another business model to build 6 figure online incomes in a year. To start a self-publishing business, check my blog post on Amazon Kindle publishing business.

Lastly, you may want to register for the print Sprint workshop to see how it works.

And if you’re not satisfied, you are covered with a money-back guarantee.

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