Temu Affiliate Program Review 2024

what is temu affiliate program

Are you looking for a legitimate way to make money through referrals? Temu Affiliate Program is a perfect platform for earning high referral commissions.

The Temu Affiliate Program is a generous program that allows affiliates to earn by referring new users and encourages them to purchase through their links.

Signing up on the platform is easy and quick. You can promote your link through blog posts, social media, ads, and so on.

In this Temu affiliate program review, I will go into details all what you need to know before you join the affiliate program.

Can You Really Make 100,000 Per Month On Temu?

temu affiliate program review

Before we go deep on the Temu affiliate program, let quickly take a look at what Temu promised affiliate?

Temu claimed that affiliate can make up to 100,000 pounds per month from thgier affiliate program.

Does this goal realistic?

I think it is a bit exaggeration.

Wether you’re a new affiliate or experienced, it is not so easy to generate 100k per month from this type of affiliate except you area big brand.

Even most niche bloggers promoting Amazon affiliate program, with huge number of traffic,they understand that, 100k a month requires extra miles and efforts.

What You Need To Know Before You Join

Before you join the Temu affiliate program, you need to understand where your audience come from.Not only that, the Temu program may not be for every affiliates, but depends on your location and your audience.

Becuase you can ONLY get commission on the referer you refer from your country.If you’re from Canada, you won’t get paid for people who purchase through your link from US.

If you’re from UK, you won’t get commission from your referrer who are from Canada.

So, your website audience is far important,and this will determine amount you can make from your traffic.

What Is the Temu Affiliate Program?

temu affiliate program

The Temu Affiliate Program is a rewarding opportunity that allows anyone to collaborate with Temu for partnership. Temu is a prominent name in the e-commerce industry.

As the program is specifically designed for affiliate marketers, so join this platform as an affiliate marketer, promote a wide range of products on Temu, and earn commissions on each generated sale through unique affiliate links.

This affiliate program is an opportunity for seasoned aspiring affiliate marketers to enjoy the perks of numerous benefits and opportunities.

The program opens doors to a diverse portfolio of partner brands. This leads to a wide range of categories, including fashion, home goods, and electronics.

Affiliate marketers can use this opportunity to align their promotional  with their niche market and target audience, which leads to increased chances of success.

Temu Affiliate Program Pros and Cons


●   Free, quick, and easy Signup.

●   An affiliate dashboard is a stash of resources.

●   Deep product linking with link generator.

●   Up to 20% commissions

●   Referral rewards of $5

●   PayPal payout

●   Help & support

●   Payout threshold as low as $20


●   Hit-and-miss product quality.

●   Controversial store & affiliate program

How the Temu Affiliate Program Works

how temu affiliate program works

The Temu affiliate program has great potential for affiliates to gain financial independence and earn high commissions by referring new users to Temu and their purchases. The program’s commission structure is generous enough to allow affiliates to earn up to $10,000 monthly.

Affiliate program works this way:

1. The first thing is to sign up on the platform to become an affiliate. Visit the Temu website and fill out the online application form. It will take some working days for approval. You’ll be notified via email, and receive a unique referral link or code.

2. Use that code or link to promote Temu brands and products on social media, Facebook ads, blog posts, etc. Highlight the benefits of Temu so you attract more customers and make more commission.

3. You’ll get a commission on using your link or video, visiting Temu products, and making purchases. Your commission rate will go higher with the increasing purchase amount.

4. You can withdraw via a PayPal account. Minimum earnings should reach the threshold of $20 for withdrawal. This is not a big amount in most cases, and Temu set this small withdrawal limit so you enjoy the perks of your efforts.

Temu also offers commissions on referrals to more affiliates. When someone makes purchases on referrals of your referred affiliates, you’ll get a commission on those purchases too.

How to join the Temu affiliate program

join temu affiliate platform

Do you want to join the Temu affiliate program? The process is a breeze to join the platform and start making a living. Follow these simple steps and join the platform:

●   Visit the Temu website at www.temu.com. Click on the “Affiliate Program” Check the link at the bottom of the page.

●   Next will appear a form to fill out the necessary information about you. This includes your name, email address, etc. Don’t forget to read the terms and conditions before hitting the submission button.

●   The approval process may take a few working days. Once your application is approved, you’ll be notified via email address. You will receive a code or link with further instructions to start on the platform.

You are now part of the Temu affiliate program. Yes, this is a simple and quick process to join the platform. Now, it is entirely up to you what strategies you can employ to reach the ladder of high commission rate.

Temu affiliate program payment method

Temu affiliate program is a perfect tool for anyone seeking ways to earn high commissions on referrals. Temu has set a minimum payout threshold of $20. Affiliates can raise to $10,000 in monthly earnings based on the number of customers refers to the Tumu platform..

Withdrawals can be made via PayPal. Sign up on the platform. Wait for approval for a few working days. As you receive approval confirmation via email address, start referrals to make yourself more than the living amount.

Temu affiliate commission rate

The Temu Affiliate Program has a tiered commission structure. It allows affiliates to make up to $10,000 based on the purchased amounts. Affiliates can make a commission percentage ranging from 5% to 15% on the amount of products purchased on referrals.

Your commission will go high as the number of referrals goes high. This structure incentivizes affiliates to attract more customers and encourage them to make more purchases so you earn more on commission.

There are four commission tiers:

1. Affiliates can make 5% on $0 – $500 purchase amounts.

2. Commission rate rises to 8% on $501 – $1,000 purchase amount.

3. A 12% commission rate is for a $1,001 – $5,000 purchase amount.

4. The commission rate is up to 15% on the above $5000 purchase amount.

Affiliates can track their earnings through the Temu affiliate dashboard. You get detailed information on the total earned commission, purchase history of referrals, and current commission tier from the dashboard.

Who is the Temu affiliate program for?

Temu affiliate program is open for individuals interested in making a living through affiliate marketing. The program welcomes you with open arms whether you’re an influencer, blogger, or simply passionate about recommending products.

Once you have received approval to join the platform, you’ll be directed to a user-friendly interface to navigate and manage your affiliate activities.

Affiliates get all the necessary tools and resources to track their performance, earn data, and optimize affiliate strategies.

Is the Temu affiliate legit?

Legitimacy is a common concern whenever it’s about any new affiliate program. When it comes to the Temu Affiliate Program, rest assured. This is a legit affiliate program that seriously shows due diligence to its affiliates and partnerships.

Temu has a solid reputation in the market. Temu has built a strong network of affiliates successfully offering their affiliate marketing services.

However, the most important thing about success at the platform relies heavily on your dedication, marketing strategies, and the quality of your content.

Getting new users and leveraging the platform can be a lot easier if you follow ethical practices and provide genuine recommendations.

Temu Affiliate Program Review: Conclusion

The Temu Affiliate Program focus on maximizing, scalability and flexibility. Marketers can choose from wider marketing strategies like content marketing, email marketing, social media promotions, etc.

They can tailor their approach to choose brands and products at Temu they want to promote. Affiliates can achieve financial freedom as they grow their audience and refine their strategies to scale their earnings.

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