16 Best Digital Marketing Certifications That Will Get You Hired In 2024

Best Digital Marketing Certifications

Are you looking for a digital marketing certification course to equip yourself?

Or maybe you want to add to your skills as a digital marketer.

And as a successful digital marketer, you must always look for new ways to learn new skills and enhance your expertise. Thus, finding new digital marketing certifications is essential for your job hunt.

Yes, it’s challenging. But standing out among so many professionals in such a competitive market is also essential.

People in the digital marketing field know that learning is a continuous process. After all, there is always a new tool or trend to watch out for in the digital marketing world.

If you have the relevant credentials, you can enhance your marketing profession.

There are hundreds of digital marketing certification courses for marketers.

This list of the best digital marketing certifications will help you hone your skills and progress in your career.

What is Digital Marketing Certification?

Individuals who complete the prerequisites of an online digital marketing course get to award a digital marketing certification. It’s a tool to verify the holder’s knowledge and skills in digital marketing approaches and strategies.

A marketing certificate is a beautiful approach to learning technical information in a competitive, fast-paced industry.

It’s designed for mid-level professionals wanting to progress their careers or improve their abilities.

Whether studying digital marketing strategies or learning to explore data better, a certification program helps you return to the profession with more remarkable poise and confidence.

With that in mind, this article compiles some of the best digital marketing certifications to help you master digital marketing. Most of the programs are free, while others are paid.

Best Digital Marketing Certifications In 2024

# 1. HubSpot Academy

Hubspot content certification is a Free program that allows you to learn more and become a master in digital marketing.

It’s one of the most used inbound marketing platforms. It also offers a variety of digital marketing certifications.

You should know that HubSpot has some great courses if you’re a digital marketer.

These HubSpot credentials are vital for anyone who wants to develop their digital marketing skills. It also targets everything that falls under that umbrella.

The best part is that these qualifications are entirely free. Hubspot is one of the best all-in-one marketing automation and CRM software that has helped thousands of people grow their business online.

#2. Google Analytics Individual Qualification

Google Analytics certification is one of the best certification training that can help you to understand how analytics works and have good skills to earn you a job in the long run.

It’s Free

According to Skillshop, the Google Analytics Qualification covers basic and advanced Google Analytics concepts.

It also covers planning and ideas, Implementation and data collection, configuration and administration, conversion and attribution, reports and metrics.

This program is also the most popular digital marketing certification you can find.

It focuses on using Google Analytics to improve your ability to assess campaign metrics and track KPIs. You can also use it to optimise marketing activities.

To be part of this program, you must create an Academy for Ads account. You must also complete the Google Analytics Beginner and Google Analytics Advanced modules as part of your exam preparations.

You must score at least 80% to pass the exam; the certificate is valid only for a year.

#3. Facebook Blueprint

This is a Facebook metal blueprint free certification course, and it is free.

Meta built Blueprint, a free online education platform for Facebook.

This is where you can get Facebook’s special marketing certifications. After all, social networks haven’t forgotten about digital marketing experts. That’s why they had to establish courses for them.

This demonstrates that Facebook has its measurements and quirks. It also proves that what works on other platforms like Google Ads may not always work on Facebook.

Hence, these qualifications are critical for those involved in Facebook ads.

Besides, understanding how to generate traffic and enhance conversion rates is imperative to the success of any plan.

You’ll learn how to create ad campaigns, target audiences, and boost reach. That’s aside from becoming a Facebook-certified professional.

It’ll also help you dominate Facebook and Instagram ads and create well-managed campaigns.

The certificates are divided into the following categories:

• Facebook basics

• best practices

• Facebook Pages

• ad management

• ad objectives

• target audience

• campaign optimisation

• reports and metrics

• Instagram

There are various courses within each category, including the following:

• A/B tests

• Overview of the auction/announcement and delivery process

• Content policies for advertising, creativity, and targeting

• Ad Reports

• Ad design tool

• ad management

• Advanced Instagram Marketing Performance Webinar

• App Engagement and Installation

#4. Google Digital Garage

The fundament of digital marketing certification

It’s Free

Google’s Digital Garage is a free digital marketing tutorial on almost any topic. It covers video marketing and search engine optimisation. It also helps you to take a comprehensive online course.

After completing the course, you will get certification from Google and the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Europe. That’s for those in Europe.

Though Google’s Digital Garage certification isn’t as popular as Adwords Certification, it’s a fundamental certification. It covers 26 digital marketing themes.

#5. SEO TooKit Races From SemRush

This is an SEO training certification, and it is free of charge.

This course will be easy to join if you use SEMrush to manage your SEO strategy.

Indeed, take advantage of 3 hours of completely free SEO training to help you organically enhance your website’s exposure.

The first session shows how SEMrush may help you develop a sound SEO strategy.

The second module teaches you how to optimise and improve the efficiency of your campaigns.

In the third and last module, you’ll learn how to track and alter your campaigns to improve their effectiveness!

So, investing in staff training and enhancing their digital abilities is not a choice for your organisation. It remains a strategic decision you’ve to take.

#6. HOOTSUITE Social Marketing Certification

$199 for each exam

The Hootsuite Social Marketing certification covers all the basics of social media marketing. You must pass a 60-question online exam before getting this certification.

Everyone needs to take the free online courses from Hootsuite to assist them in preparing for this exam.

Hootsuite may not be as popular as Google or Facebook. Yet their certification is one of, if not the best, available to social media marketers.

#7. SemRush Academy

Isn’t it true that website optimisation on Google (SEO) is the best friend of web content? We all know that making your content visible on search engines is critical to any digital marketing plan.

Many individuals still don’t know how to rank their content on search engines and miss out on valuable opportunities to attract thousands of traffic to their sites and content.

SEMrush certification is excellent and can assist you in mastering the art of SEO and keyword research.

The training also focuses on testing and analysing your website metrics using one of the most powerful tools.

Remember that a good professional must be ready to learn and improve their skills. These courses can help you improve your abilities or reinforce what you’ve known before in your marketing career.

#8. Digital Marketing Institute

The certification Cost: $10 – $4,500

The Institute provides courses in digital and social selling. Others are search marketing and mobile marketing. 

All this aims to help you prepare for a career in digital marketing. This global web platform aided in developing the digital marketing certifications standard.

#9. Content Marketing Certification Course (HubSpot)

It’s Free

This is one of the best digital marketing certifications for every digital marketer. It can help you develop content marketing and other digital skills needed to traverse the world of digital marketing.

You must complete 12 courses to earn this certification. These courses will teach you everything you need to know about guest blogging. It also helps you learn how to generate and promote your content and create a great catalogue.

You’ll also learn how to lay a strong content marketing foundation. 

#10. FaceBook Blueprint Marketing Certification

Each certification costs $150.

The vast reach of Facebook is enticing to digital advertising. However, most individuals are unaware of how a Facebook marketing campaign works.

Most digital marketers use the same Google Ads methods and call it a day.

However, Facebook is in its world, and understanding how to navigate it is vital to increase traffic and conversions.

Facebook offers two certificates: Facebook Certified Planning Professional and Facebook Certified Buying Professional.

Before becoming a Facebook Certified Planning Professional, you must show that you can plan successful campaigns, target the proper demographic for maximum impact, and maximise your reach.

To become a Facebook-certified shopping professional, you’ll need to learn how to administer pages, grasp the Facebook Pixel, and develop engaging Facebook advertising.

#11. Google Analytics IQ Certification

The Google Analytics IQ program is free; anybody can join the training and become certified.

The reality here is that you must first go through the Google Analytics learning course to pass the Google Analytics IQ Certification.

 The online course is free. It’ll help you to understand the Analytics certification better.

After completing these courses, you must visit the Academy for Ads to begin the Google Analytics certification process.

This certification is essential, mainly during a job interview, if you’re applying for the SEO Manager or web analytics consultant role.

It’ll allow you to prove to the recruiter that you can carry out operational missions from your internship or work-study program and show that you’re familiar with Google Analytics.

Very important for assessing the success of your various marketing initiatives!

#12. YouTube Certification

With 2.5 billion active users, one wonders why YouTube certification isn’t giving the desired attention.

YouTube is becoming the go-to place for digital marketers and advertisers. So, having a good knowledge of optimising and managing a YouTube channel is a big plus for you.

Most marketers view certificates as training covering navigating the digital marketing ecosystem.

This, however, is not always the case. A course can sometimes help understand what’s going on behind the scenes of a tool.

There aren’t many courses that are as underappreciated as YouTube certification.

The YouTube Certification aims to apply digital marketing basics to the YouTube platform.

They’ve channel expansion, content ownership, and asset monetisation courses. They also specialise in teaching you to create appealing content that transforms visitors into buyers.

#13. HUBSPOT Email Marketing Certification 

It’s Free

You can check out the HubSpot Academy’s free certificates program. The free email marketing certification is another one I recommend.

They cover the essentials of email marketing in this course. The course will help you advance your digital marketing career by learning email marketing.

Email marketing is one of the most profitable and cost-effective digital marketing methods. It’s also in high demand.

This course teaches you how to plan an email marketing campaign. It is critical to the success of your company and your career.

The HubSpot email marketing certification course teaches you how to create an email marketing plan, from contact administration and segmentation to email deliverability and analysis.

You’ll discover how to be human in email marketing and how to provide value to your subscribers.

#14. Stanford University’s Machine Learning Certification

If you’re interested in adding more skills to your marketing experience, then the Machine Learning Certification may be your best option.

Stanford University’s machine learning certification is one of the most popular courses on the Coursera platform.

This course is taught by the former Baidu AI Group/Google Brain leader at Stanford University.

Artificial intelligence has transformed how we approach social media, SEO, analytics, and content marketing. Because the trend is rising and AI is here to stay, you should become acquainted with it.

The program covers a wide range of recommended practices.

Artificial intelligence advances are affecting every part of our daily lives. And the need for skilled engineers in various AI sectors is increasing.

The program provides Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning Certification for both new and professionals who wish to learn about AI to boost their skills and knowledge.

#15. University of Vermont Online Digital Marketing Certificate

The UVM’s Online Digital Marketing Fundamental Certification is another fantastic course for serious-minded digital marketers.

This 8-week online course will help you advance your career in digital marketing. It teaches you the most innovative marketing methods from industry leaders.

The training will help you to engage with prospects using alternative methods and approaches. What worked a few years ago may no longer work today or even in a few years.

This course remains an online professional certificate that teaches you about the worth of digital marketing using research. Every week, the curriculum focuses on different aspects of online marketing.

#16. Deep Learning Specialisation Certification

The Deep Learning Specialization is among the best AI courses on Coursera. It’s an entire program that equips you to participate in creating cutting-edge AI technology.

The program also shows you how to create and train neural network architecture such as Convolutional Neural Networks, Recurrent Neural Networks, LSTMs, and Transformers.

The training also covers the Dropout, BatchNorm, Xavier, or He initialisation.

You must also be ready to use Python and TensorFlow to learn theoretical topics and their industry applications.

This course teaches how to handle real-world problems like speech recognition, music synthesis, chatbots, machine translation, natural language processing, etc.

The AI revolution is transforming many industries. The Deep Learning Specialization paves the way for you to take the next step in your AI career.

It helps you in gaining the necessary knowledge and skills. You’ll also get career advice from deep learning specialists along the way.


So, what are your thoughts on these digital marketing certifications?

Take advantage of this rare opportunity to get significant certifications in digital marketing. And if you’re looking for a new career that can get you a high-paying job in marketing, then you need to join one of these programs.

A professional digital marketing certificate will boost your career, and many small business owners and companies are looking for people who can help them market their products and services.

You can check these marketing tools:

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